Manger Mania

A musical by Raymond J. Lombardi
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This is the story of Christmas. . . told in a unique fashion! You've seen them all over the place. . . you know, all those NATIVITY SCENES! This is the story of Christmas as told through the perspective of each of the pieces of the nativity. . . in this musical you'll meet some of the animals who were displaced by the birth of Christ, and the Innkeeper who hesitantly gave up the manger for the weary parents. You'll meet three "cool eastern guys" who outwit the nasty Herod. . . it's a Christmas party like you've never seen before!



(Scene 1: "Manger Mania" Six children walk out on stage form a straight line facing the audience. Each holds a figurine from a Manger scene. For ease of performance, speakers should be numbered from 1-6 beginning on the left. )

Speaker 3: "Good Evening!"

Speaker 4: "And Merry Christmas!"

Speaker 1: "We’re glad you’re here."

(Speaker 2 looks at speaker one for a couple of seconds, then asks: )

Speaker 2: "Why?"

Speaker 5: "Why?" Why it’s because of our Manger story."

Speaker 6: "Manger story? Is that why they gave me this statue thing to hold?"

Speaker 1: "Yea, I’ve got one too!"

Speaker 3: "Me too!"

Speaker 5: "We ALL have one. These figures tell a story that everyone needs to hear."

(Speaker 2, pointing to the audience: )

Speaker 2: "Even them?"

Speaker 5: "Especially them! This is a story that will change their lives! We can’t let them leave here until they’ve heard it!"

Speaker 2: "Why?"

(Speaker 4, looking at speaker 2 )

Speaker 4: "You sure ask alot of questions!"

Speaker 5: "No, that’s OK, he’s (or she’s) right to ask questions. I’ll tell you why they need to hear this story. It’s because it’s a story of hope, and joy, and especially God’s love. It’s a story that never grows old. It’s a story about about miracles and babies, shepherds and sheep, and wisemen with cool gifts and funny-looking transportation."

Speaker 1: "Yea, you gotta love those camels!" (Holds up a figurine of a camel)

Speaker 3: "What are we going to call this story?"

Speaker 2: "I know! Let’s call it The Story of Bethlehem"

Speaker 6: "Boooring! I think we can come up with a better name than that!

Speaker 4: "How ‘bout "Home Alone 3: The Manger and Me:"

Speaker 1: Naah.

Speaker 6: "How about "Manger Mania"?"

Speaker 2: "Hmm, that’s got a nice ring to it. . . Manger Mania"

Speaker 3: "Sounds kind of whacky."

Speaker 1: "Sounds kind of cool."

Speaker 4: "Sounds like a plan"

Speaker 5: "So that’s it? All those in favor of calling our story "Manger Mania" raise your right hand" Everyone raises their hand) To audience: "It’s settled. Tonight we bring you this story entitled Manger Mania. Sit back, listen, and we hope you enjoy the show. Just remember, no one leaves here tonight without knowing the real story of Christmas. We’ll check back with you in a little while, just to see how you’re doing."

(Speakers exit. Choir sings "Manger Mania" )

Manger Mania

Manger manger mania

Manger manger mania

Manger manger mania

Manger mania

Manger mania

For there’s no better way to tell the story how the Savior came to earth

Than to tell of the little manger where the mother of Jesus gave birth

And how shepherds, wisemen and angels all

came to this little manger stall

In the manger that night a miracle happened that forever changed history

Who would think that in such a lowly place the baby child would be

adored, praised and worshipped, on earth and above

this child born of Mary this child of love

Come to the manger and worship,

Come to the manger and worship Christ the king

Come to the manger

Come to the manger

Come to the manger and worship the king!

(Mary and Joseph appear center stage. They are walking "in place" toward Bethlehem.)

Speaker 3: "Hey, look at that!

Speaker 1: "Who is it?"

Speaker 2: "It’s Mary and Joseph!"

Speaker 4: "Mary and Joseph?!"

Speaker 6: "Mary and Joseph?!

Speaker 1: "Where are they going?"

Speaker 3: "She looks FAT!"

Speaker 5: "That’s because she’s going to have a baby"

Speaker 4: "A Baby?"

Speaker 5: "Yes, of course, the baby Jesus."

(Mary and Joseph appear to be stopping at an imaginary door and knock. . .)

Speaker 4: "Why are they stopping at that door?"

Speaker 5: "That’s the Inn where they want to stay."

(The Innkeeper appears and shakes his head "no" and tries to motion for them to leave. He appears aggitated and impatient with them, while Joseph appears to be begging for a room.)

Speaker 2: "That man does not seem to be a very nice innkeeper. . . what’s his problem, anyway?"

Speaker 5: "He’s probably a little upset because of all the work he’s had to do lately. Ever since the census began the Inn has been filled to capacity with travellers."

Speaker 3: "Yes, but doesn’t he know about the baby? Doesn’t he know that Mary is about to give birth to the son of God?" Doesn’t he CARE!?"

Speaker 5: "I’m afraid not. . ."

(The Innkeeper seems to relent, and points the couple around back to a stable. . . Mary and Joseph look at each other, shrug and reluctantly turn to go toward the stable.)

Speaker 1: "Hey look! I think the innkeeper’s found a room for them!"

Speaker 3: "I wouldn’t exactly call it a room. . ."

Speaker 2: "He’s sending them to that stable back there. . ."

Speaker 1: "Imagine that! He’s got this big beautiful place here, and he’s taking them out back behind the Inn!

Speaker 5: "If he only knew. . ."

Speaker 3: "If he only knew what?"

Speaker 5: "I was just thinking, if he only knew what was going to happen out there behind his inn, he would’ve given Mary and Joseph the king’s suite!

Choir sings:

Behind the Inn

"Manger Mania"

words & music by Ray Lombardi

Behind the Inn

was the only place that they could find for Jesus to be born

Behind the Inn

Not a place where kings and queens of men would ever be adorned

But that’s all they could find

And Jesus didn’t mind

For the lamb of God was right at home among the lambs of earth

Behind the Inn

where the only ones who ever came were servants on their chores

Behind the Inn

where no guest had ever stepped inside the rustic wooden doors

a manger stall

became a royal hall

as the son of God was born that night that for one and for all.

Behind the Inn

Behind the Inn

who could have known a miracle was on its way

Behind the Inn

Behind the Inn

The miracle of Christ on earth to stay

Speaker 6: "You’ve got to be kidding! I’m sure Mary and Joseph don’t want to sleep around those smelly barn animals!"

Speaker 5: "That’s true, but just think how honored those animals are. . . they’re going to be right in place where baby Jesus is going to be born!" I wonder what they’re thinking."

(The 6 speakers leave and Shilly the Sheep, Shoney the Sheep, Cahly the Cow, and Russo the Rooster come out on stage. They begin to discuss their new neighbors. . .)

Shilly: "Hey, get a load of this! Look at our new neighbors!"

Shoney: "But they’re humans"

Cahly: "Oh yuk, the smell!"

Shilly: Can you imagine! It’s not like we’ve got all the room in the world to begin with in this dump. Why can’t they find a place of their own!

Shoney: "Hey, hey, what’s that female one doing? She can’t put him there. . . no. . . NO... NO! Not in my food! Why did she have to put it on my food! That’s my food! Shilly, are you looking at this?!!! What are you going to do about this! She can’t put it on my food!

Shoney: "Now, Shilly, try not to get upset. . .

Cahly: Just as long as the female one doesn’t come lookin’ to ME to FEED that thing! I finished my work for the night.

Russo: "Children, children, children. . . how naive you are! Do you not know who this is! Are you not aware that this is not just any human family! That little one over there is the one who made us. He is our creator.

Shilly: Russo, you’ve been chasing to many hens around the yard! The little one was just born a few minutes ago!

Russo: Yes, but born as a human. As God He has always been, and always will be. Stop and sniff the air for a moment. .

(Everyone sniffs around)

Cahly: What is that great smell?

Shoney: "Yes, yes, I smell it too! Shilly, do you smell it?"

Shilly: "I believe I do. . . all right Russo, what is it?"

Russo: It’s the air of a king. That little baby is the king of all creation. And he has chosen to come here, to our little stable behind the inn, to be born as a man.

Choir sings "Barn Animals"

Barn Animals

Chorus :

We’re barn Animals

we get no respect

We’re Barn Animals

we suffer neglect

‘cause we’re Barn Animals

no thinks we’re rad

we are barn Animals

we just get treated bad.

we just get treated bad

But look at who God invited

To the birth of His own son

Look at who shared the birthplace of a king

Look at who lay by the manger to keep the child warm

It was barn animals

It was barn animals

We’re barn animals

we’ve got lots of heart

We’re barn animals

we’re not very smart

We are barn animals

we look as though we’re numb

but we’re just barn animals

looking rather dumb

looking rather dumb

(The 6 speakers return to center stage. Speaker 1 holds up a shepherd figurine. )

Speaker 1: "Who’s this guy with the big stick?"

Speaker 2: " That’s a shepherd?"

Speaker 6: "The shepherds were the first people to hear about the savior being born."

Speaker 4: "Oh yeah? Who told them?"

Speaker 5: "The angels."

Speaker 1: "You’re kidding, right? You don’t mean that these guys in white robes came around with wings flappin’ and said, "Oh, by the way, Jesus was just born."

Speaker 3: "Can you imagine? If you’ve never seen an angel how would know what they look like? Do you think the shepherds were scared?"

Speaker 2: "I know I’D be shaking in my boots!

Speaker 5: The Bible tells us that the shepherds saw them in the foothills where they were tending their sheep. The angels were praising God and singing about the birth of Jesus.

(A shepherd begins walking across the stage). . . hey, there’s one of them now! Sir! Hey you, sir, come over here!"

Shepherd: "You talkin’ to me?"

Speaker 5: "Yes sir, we need to talk to you!"

Shepherd: "I, I, I can’t. . . I’m just a figurine in the nativity!"

Speaker 5: "But you were there when the angels came, weren’t you?"

(The shepherd reluctantly comes a little closer. . . )

Shepherd: "Yea, so?"

Speaker 5: "So you can tell us what it was like."

Shepherd: "I don’t know if I should be talking to you. . . I’ve got work to do and sheep to tend. Maybe another time. . ."

(All the speakers, at random:) "Come on, tell us! We want to know! Tell us, please!"

Shepherd, reluctantly: "Oh, allright. . . I can tell you this, I never shook so much in my whole life. Listen carefully, and I’ll you what happened. . ."

Choir sings "The Shepherd Shake"

The Shepherd Shake

All across the hillside

and over the plain

through spring and summer

through wind and rain

we keep the sheep safe

we guard the flock

we’re strong and steady

we’re like a rock

we’re like a rock

‘cause we’re the shepherds of Bethlehem

But on the night when

not long ago

a band of angels

put on a show

We started shakin’

Our eyes grew wide

We tried to act tough

We tried to hide

We tried to hide

We learned the shepherd shake that night

We did the shepherd shake

We did the shepherd shake that night

We did the shepherd shake

We did the shepherd shake in the light

that shone from that band of angels above

who brought the news of God’s great love

come down in human form on that night

Speaker 3: "Boy, I bet everyone must of been shocked to see the angels in the sky that night!"

Speaker 5: "Well, that’s not the only thing in the night sky that would have surprised them"

Speaker 4: "What do you mean?"

Speaker 6: "Yeah, what are you talking about?"

Speaker 2: "I know! I know! He’s talking about the star."

Speaker 1: "The star?"

Speaker 2: "Yes, the star over the manger."

Speaker 6: "Big deal. . . there must of been hundreds of stars out that night!"

Speaker 2: "Yes, but not like this one." This star was special."

Speaker 5: "He’s (or she’s) right. This star was special. It was a star that shone brighter in the sky than any other star. A star that would lead men from far away to leave their homes and travel to Bethlehem. It was star that appeared. . . somewhere over the manger.

(Soloist sings "Somewhere Over the Manger")

Somewhere over the manger

a star shone bright

for it led to Bethlehem

on that very night

Somewhere over the manger

a star so high

Was the sign that God had planned

in the eastern sky

It led a tiny band of men

As they followed God’s own call

To go to Bethlehem and find

in a manger stall

A Savior come down to the earth

A savior from on high

Whose birthplace was just underneath

This star up in the sky

Somewhere over the manger

that star so bright

lit the path that led to where

the child was born that night

Somewhere over the manger

so very long ago

a star was shined down on Bethlehem

so everyone could know

The Savior had been born

The Savior of mankind

Today the star still shines

That man new life could find

(Soloist exits; speakers still in place. Three cool eastern guys start walking out together doing a jazz shuffle. Music begins.) .

Speaker 2: "Hey, who are they?"

Speaker 3: "You mean those three guys?"

Speaker 2: "Yeah!"

Speaker 4: "You mean those cool guys?"

Speaker 2: "Yeah!"

Speaker 6: "They look like eastern guys!"

Speaker 5: "Those are the three cool eastern guys!"

Speaker 1 & 2: "Cool eastern guys?"

Speaker 3, 4, & 6: "Cool eastern guys?"

Speaker 5: "Yes, they’re the ones that came to see the baby Jesus"

Speaker 2: "They look mysterious"

Speaker 3: "They look fierce!"

Speaker 4: "They look determined!"

Speaker 6: "They look like serious business!"

Speaker 5: "That’s because they’re on a mission from God. They’ve come to see the baby Jesus and worship him."

Speaker 3: "So what’s their story?"

Speaker 2: "What’s they’re tale?"

Speaker 1: "What’s the deal?

Speaker 6: "What are we talking about!!!?"

Speaker 5: "Listen up. . . we’re going to hear about these three cool eastern guys!"

(Choir sings "Three Cool Eastern Guys")

Three Cool Eastern Guys

"Manger Mania"

words and music by: Ray Lombardi

Three cool eastern guys

Were watchin’ the skies

for a sign and a signal that the King would be born

so those cool eastern guys

said their goodbyes

and started out ridin’ camels across the dessert sand

to a distant place, a cool distant land.

Three cool eastern guys

were men on the rise

but they came to pay homage to the baby boy

bringing gifts of pure gold,

and perfume so old

they worshipped this one who wasn’t even half their size,

those three cool eastern guys

Three cool eastern guys

left in disguise

when Herod tried to trick them into leaving a trail

Those cool eastern guys

were cool, tough and wise

and took a little detour on the ride back home to the east

old Herod was mad as a beast

Speaker 2: "Wow, what a night!"

Speaker 3: "What a story!"

Speaker 4: "What a celebration!"

Speaker 6: ‘This calls for a party!"

Speaker 5: "A manger party!"

Speaker 1: "It will be awesome!"

Speaker 2: "It will be fantastic!"

Speaker 3: "It will be as noisy as Jerusalem’s market!"

Speaker 4: "It will be more fun than two camels at a watering hole!

Everyone looks at speaker 4 as if he were from Mars

Speaker 6: "Anyway, let’s celebrate the birth of Christ.

Speaker 5: "That’s right, we must celebrate! For the birthday of Christ is the greatest story on earth. It is a story that can be told over and over again, and it will never lose its meaning, or excitement or hope. It’s a story that will be told for all eternity - how JESUS came to this earth to save sinners like you and me. If you want to know that your sins are forgiven and that you are bound for heaven, you must believe in the manger story. If you already have, then you’re ready to join the Manger party! We’ll see you at the MANGER!

(Choir sings "Manger Party")

A Manger Party

Words & Music by: Raymond J Lombardi

We’re gonna have a manger party

We’re gonna celebrate

It’s gonna be so great

We’re gonna have a manger party

Come with us and have some fun

Celebrate God’s only Son

Celebrate God’s only Son

Born among the sheep, cows and hay

Born to us on Christmas day

We celebrate the coming of love

We celebrate this gift from above!


In this manger humble and meek

Came the son of God to seek

and to save us all from our sin

If our hearts will let him in!


Joy to the world the Lord has come

Celebrate Him

Celebrate Him

Celebrate His coming!

Celebrate Him

Celebrate Him

Celebrate His coming!

We’re gonna have a manger party!

Celebrate Him, celebrate Him

We’re gonna have a manger party!

Celebrate Him, celebrate Him

Joy the world, the Savior reigns

Let men their songs employ

While fields and floods rocks hills and plains

Repeat the sounding joy

Repeat the sounding joy

Repeat, repeat the sounding joy

Celebrate Him Celebrate Him

Come celebrate the King!


Copyright Raymond J Lombardi. All rights reserved.

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