The Gift

Glenn A. Hascall


 An Oral Interpretation of Drama (O.I.D.) that brings the Christmas story to life in a new way. The use of vocal interpretation helps make this type of drama unique. Can be used as a Reader's Theater script.
NOTE: An O.I.D. is a performance in which all cast have the script in front of them. The cast always looks ahead and never at each other. If gestures are made, those gestures are not specifically to another actor. Use of repetitive phrases help provide a greater impact on the audience, leaving them with the main point of the dramatic presentation.


5 (Actor 3 should be female, 1 & 2 should be male, parts 4 & 5 are not gender specific) cast can be expanded if needed.


 1: The gift.
2: Costly.
3: Beautiful.
4: Perfect.
5: The very Son...
ALL: Of God.
1: With skin.
2: With tears.
3: With needs.
4: Infant needs.
1: Childish needs.
3: Human needs.
5: The very Son.
ALL: Of God.
2: Hail Mary.
3: Don't be frightened.
4: Favored One.
5: You are blessed.
1: Something grows inside.
ALL: The gift.
2: Costly.
3: Beautiful.
4: Perfect.
5: The very Son
ALL: Of God.
1: Impossible!
2,3,4: Impossible.
5: A virgin...
1: With child?
2: Who will believe?
3: The gift.
4: Who will accept?
5: The gift.
1: Gossip grows.
2: As stomach swells.
4: This appears so wretched.
1,5: So wretched!
4: It's not befitting.
2: Improper!
1: Virgin Mary?
3: How is it possible?
5: Foolish Joseph.
1: Didn't he know?
2: Yet we waited for...
ALL: The Gift.
(1, 2, 3 come to the front as the conversation portion of the drama takes place)
2: But my wife is with child.
2: She could have it at any time.
1: NO Ro... wait,
2: Yes
1: There is the barn.
2: A barn?
4,5: A barn.
1: It's all I have.
3: Joseph?
2: (Slight pause) We'll take shelter there.
3: But.
2: It will be all right, Mary.
3: I'm frightened
2: Fear not.
4,5: Fear not.
3: (Rub stomach) God is with me.
4,5: God is with you.
3: Emmanuel.
(All actors resume positions with full cast)
4: Then angels came.
5: To frightened shepherds.
3: Shepherd came.
1: To see the child.
2: The child came.
3: To save the world.
ALL: The perfect Gift.
4: No palace.
5: No royal birth.
1: No ceremony.
ALL: The Gift.
2: Precious.
3: Priceless.
4: Perfect.
5: Wrapped carefully...
1: In strips of cloth.
2: Waiting to be noticed.
3: Given to all.
4: Yet received by few.
5: The very Son.
ALL: Of God.
1,2: Who will believe?
3,4: Who will accept?
1,2,3,4: Who will share?
5: The Gift?
1: The very Son.
2,3,4: The only Son.
ALL: Of God.
 Fade to black
 Copyright 2003 by Glenn A. Hascall
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