Everything I Need to Know About Christmas

By Debra Wehr


A neighbour brings a book which explains everything the family needs to know about Christmas.




(Scene: The Family Living Room. It is the beginning of the Christmas season and the family has just put up the tree. They are unpacking the Nativity scene. Ornaments and lights lie on the floor. Dad and teenager are working on getting the lights ready to put up outside. (stage left.))

DAD: How are you coming with those lights? Are they all working and ready to put outside?

TEENAGER: No. I can't seem to find the one that's burnt out. Maybe we should just get some new ones.

DAD: Keep looking. We can't afford to get new lights every time one littlebulb goes out.

(Mom, Grandparent, and child are setting up the nativity scene - stage right.)

MOM: Here, let's put the baby Jesus between Mary and Joseph so they can look at how sweet he is. (handing the figure to the child)

CHILD: (He is putting more figures on the table.) Mom, this set looks just like the one they have at the Shopping Mall.

GRANDPARENT: Speaking of shopping malls, this shopping thing is really hard. I don't know what to get anybody. ( she helps arrange the scene as she talks)

(The doorbell rings. A neighbor arrives with a gift plainly labeled: "OPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS." Mom answers the door.)

MOM: Hello, neighbor. Come on in.

NEIGHBOR: Hello there, everyone. (She steps into the house)

MOM: (noticing the wrapped gift in her hand) What do you have there? Hey, it's a little early for gifts yet. We're just getting the decorations up.

NEIGHBOR: This is a Christmas gift that you really need to open at the start of the Christmas season. So go ahead and open it now. (Neighbor walks over and hands the gift to Mom.)

MOM: Thank you very much.

CHILD: She said we should open it now. Can I open it? Can I?

MOM: O.K. (handing gift to child. Child opens gift as everyone looks on)

GRANDPARENT: Let's see what it is. ( child holds up a large book.)

DAD: "Everything I Need to Know About Christmas." Now I see why we needed to open it right now. It will help us organize ourselves during this busy time of year. I bet there's a schedule for saving, shopping, putting up lights, Christmas programs and rehearsals. (sighs) That would sure come in real handy.

MOM: Probably there are some new decorating ideas. Those mini-marshmallows we used as fake snow made such a mess last year. They got smeared all over the windows, it took hours to scrape them off.

TEENAGER: If it tells me I should start saving for Christmas by taking some Money from each allowance starting in September. . . they may as well forget it. It's too late for that.

GRANDPARENT: I do hope that it has some shopping tips. I just don't know what to get teenagers. My friend told me that teenagers like CDs. But last year Ryan didn't seem pleased at all with the "Perry Como" CD, I got him.

NEIGHBOR: You're going to have to read it to find out.

DAD: Let's quit guessing and see what it says. (Dad walks over and takes the book and reads the title again.) Everything I Need to Know About Christmas: (turns the page) - I Learned From ... Jesus?

TEENAGER: That's silly. How can Jesus have known what kind of presents to buy for people today, or how to find the one bulb in the string that is burnt out and keeps the rest of them from lighting up. That's something I need to know.

MOM: I don't think that's what this book is all about.

GRANDPARENT: I don't think that's what Christmas is all about, either.

CHILD: What do you mean?

NEIGHBOR: Just read it. You'll see what it means.

DAD: It Says: (turns page &continues reading)
"These are the important facts of the real Christmas.
Every one of them tells us more about Jesus.
You need to know that Jesus was God's only begotten son.
He came to earth to save sinners, didn't stop till he was done"

TEENAGER: Let me read some, Dad. (He stands next to Dad and reads)
"God loves us very much.
But sin, He cannot stand
Jesus came to pay sin's price.
He came
At God's command"

MOM: Hey, this really is why we celebrate Christmas(Mom turns page and reads)
"Jesus taught us what to do
How to act the whole year through
Visit the lonely, be kind to the poor,
Help the sick to find a cure.
Obey the Lord as you are told
And you will wear a crown of gold"

NEIGHBOR: This is my favorite part (excitedly quoting from the book)
"Make your life a prayer,
Show others that you care.
Have peace and joy all your days
Give glory & thanks to God always"

GRANDPARENT: I like that. (Takes over reading)
Jesus was gentle and good.
Living and Loving just as we should.

DAD: (taking the book and standing next to mom)
Jesus showed me by his examples,
How he laughed, and why he cried.
He showed me that he loved me,
and paid for my sins when He died.

MOM: They called Jesus: "Emmanuel;
Which means: God with us. (pause) That's odd.
For it's only because He died for us.
That we can now be : (pause) "Us with God"

NEIGHBOR: See, this book helps give you the REAL meaning of Christmas

CHILD: Oh. Now I see what you mean.

NEIGHBOR: (As she leaves ) Merry Christmas.

EVERYONE: Merry Christmas!


Copyright Debra Wehr, all rights reserved.
This script may be used without royalty payment, provided no charge is made for admission to the performance. In return the author would like to be told of any performance. She may be contacted at debra@wehrit.com