The Christmas Cruise

A musical by Raymond J. Lombardi
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Imagine four young kids stuck out in the middle of the Caribbean on a cruise with parents on CHRISTMAS EVE. . . with nothing but a bunch of silver-haired folks around! It would spell disaster if these four kids didn't put their minds together and determine to celebrate Christmas anyway! This easy-to-perform musical features one solo for a girl's medium-range voice, and 5 great choir tunes, along with a script that focuses on the real meaning of Christmas.



(Chris, Teri, John, and Lynn are standing along the rail of the cruise ship King George. It is Christmas eve, just after the dinner hour. They have just eaten at the King George Plum Pudding festival. No one seems to be in a very good mood.)Chris: Blaaaah! If I have to eat at ONE MORE of these buffets I'm going to. . .

Teri: Don't say it! I know exactly how you feel.

Lynn: (dreamily) What I would give right now for a big Mac. . .

John: Or a pizza with pepperoni and buffalo wings. . .

Teri: Well, you might as well stop dreaming. There's no chance of us getting anything like that until we get back!

Chris: What are we going to do? I can't stand it anymore! Here it is, Christmas eve, and I'm stuck on this rusty bucket!

John: And practically no kids!

Teri: And a bunch of grumpy old silver heads!

John: I don't think I've ever seen so many pairs of plaid bermuda shorts in my life.

Lynn: Or white loafers. Uuch! Just the thought of it makes me cringe! Let's face it. . . we've been doomed to the Christmas Cruise!

CHOIR SINGS: The "Christmas Cruise"

I can't believe where I am on this Christmas eve

I'm so depressed cause I know that I can not leave

I'll tell you where I want to go

To a place where there's lots of snow

Where people are singing

And church bells are ringing

And everywhere you hear this song

Joy to the World the Lord has come

Let earth receive her king

But I'm out of luck

For I'm just plain stuck

On the King George Christmas Cruise

I'm on the Christmas cruise

I've got the Christmas blues

I've got a yearning for a Christmas scene

and a decorated evergreen

I'm on the Christmas cruise

Oh what a Christmas snooze

Please get me out of here

I don't want to be near

Another Christmas cruise

I wonder if there's a way to get off this boat

I wonder if I should jump would I sink or float

I would swim to the nearest shore

I would row with just one oar

to sing merrily

away from this sea

a song to the little child

Joy to the world the savior reigns

Let men their songs employ

But hard as I try

Unless I could fly

I will never leave this boat

I'm on the Christmas cruise

I've got the Christmas blues

I've got a yearning for a Christmas scene

and a decorated evergreen

I'm on the Christmas cruise

Oh what a Christmas snooze

Please get me out of here

I don't want to be near

Another Christmas cruise

Chris: I wonder what our friends are doing right now. . .

John: I bet they're having a blast. Man, it really frosts me that we can't be with them tonight.

Teri: Oh, grow up. You know our parents thought this would be a great way to spend Christmas.

Lynn: Yea, well it's not. I kept telling them I wouldn't mind being "Home Alone". But they saw the movie.

John: Yea, well I'd even rather be in CHURCH at home than at this dumb King George's Plum Pudding festival.

Chris: You make it sound like church on Christmas eve is the second place you most want to avoid.

John: That's right! Why go to church? It just interrupts my whole party schedule! I mean, what does church have to do with Christmas anyway? If I want to hear "Jingle Bells", I just chill out with my compact CD player. Why go to church? They just want you to give up all the money you get in your stocking!

Lynn: I can't believe you've got this attitude about church on Christmas eve. Obviously, there's alot you need to learn about the real meaning of Christmas!

CHOIR SINGS: "There's So Much You Need to Learn About Christmas"

There’s So Much You Need to Learn About Christmas

There’s so much you need to learn about Christmas

There’s so much you need to know about this day in history

For example

Did you know

That while shepherds watched their flocks at night

They were seated on the ground

And they were looking all around

When angels from the realms of glory suddenly appeared that night

and they were singing

and they were singing

and they were singing out this song

Gloria in exclesis Deo

Gloria in exclesis Deo

Well there’s more you need to know about Christmas

There is much more to the story of the little savior’s birth

For example

Did you know

That in the town of Bethlehem the angel of God did say

There shall the child lie in a stall

This child who shall redeem us all

But there’s more to story

There’s more to this tale

Then entered in those wise men three

full reverently upon their knee

And brought Him incense gold and myrrh

While shepherds their watch were keeping

Well that's what you need to know about Christmas

It is what you ought to know about the birth of God's own Son

So let's sing and celebrate the coming of the holy one

Of the Holy one

(Following "There's A lot You Need to Learn About Christmas" the foursome are staring up at the stars in the sky, day-dreaming. A couple, obviously in love, walk by, stop at the rail and look out at the stars. The man points out a star to his lady while the four look on. Chris then breaks the silence.)

Chris: There is one nice thing about being out here in the middle of nowhere.

Lynn: Yea? What's that?

Chris: The stars. It's amazing how many stars are up there. I've never seen anything like it at home.

John: (still grumbling) Who needs stars? There's a zillion lights on the town Christmas tree. That's good enough for me!

Teri: You know, John, if you don't stop complaining we're going to beam you up to the star ship Enterprise and send you in search of the star of Bethlehem!

Chris: You think it's still up there?

Lynn: Is WHAT still up there?

Chris: You know, the star of Bethlehem. I wonder if its out there right now, and we're looking at it just like those wise men did when Jesus was born.

Teri: Wouldn't it be great if that star was shining tonight brighter than any other star in the sky, and we were the ones to discover it?

Chris: We'd be famous!

John: Oh, I'm sure "Sixty Minutes" would be camping out on your doorstep, just waiting to interview the great rocket scientists here who spotted the Bethlehem star.

Teri: All right, John, keep a lid on it. I still wonder. . . does that star still shine?

Solo by Teri: "Does that Star still Shine?"

"Does that Star still Shine?"

Does that star still shine

Does it cast its light

Down on the same earth

as it did that night

When it guided those who sought the king

Who brought a special offering

of frankincense and gold

to the little one king just a few days old

Does that star still shine

Can I trace its beams

To a stable where

the baby Jesus dreams

Did it make the place where Jesus lay

glow with light so far away

that everyone could see

that the the son of God was born for you and me

Shine so bright

Does it shine so bright

Shine star shine

Does that star still shine

Can I see its glow

Does it have a name

Will I ever know

Has it watched the earth since that first night

Has it ever shone so clear and bright

as it led the wiseman three

Does it shine tonight for you and me

Shine so bright

Does it shine so bright

Shine star shine

Shine star shine

Lynn: I don't know about the rest of you, but I still think we can have a great party tonight, with just the four of us!

Chris: You're right! We've got lots to celebrate! We should have a party! After all, Jesus came not just for a few people, but for all of us. Just because we're out here in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean that Jesus didn't come, or that the angels didn't sing.

Teri: I'm with you guys! What about it, John, are you up for a PARTY!

John: (not real enthusiastic) I suppose. . .

Chris: Great! Let's see. . . I'll go get some cake and ice cream; John, you get the soda and chips. Girls, you decorate. Come on John, let's go. Ladies, we will be back in a flash!

Chris and John exit.

Teri: All right, I'm psyched! Let's get this celebration underway!

Song: "There's No Reason Not to Celebrate"

Just because we're stuck out here in the middle of the sea

Doesn't mean we can't celebrate with a birthday party

Just because we're going nowhere fast

Doesn't mean that we won't have a blast

There's no reason not to celebrate the birthday of Jesus

Let's celebrate


Let's celebrate


Let's celebrate


Let's celebrate

For there's no better reason to celebrate than this

that the son of the Father had left heaven's bliss

to come to this earth with this purpose in mind

that those who would trust him new life they would find

Just because we've seen no land in the past three days

Doesn't mean we won't have fun in a million ways

Even though there is no Christmas tree

On this one point we do agree

There's no reason not to celebrate the birthday of Jesus

(At the end of the song everyone collapses into a lounge chair. John falls asleep with a party noisemaker still in his mouth. Everyone is just getting "mellow" when Teri's parents appear on deck. )

Mom: There you are! (speaking to Teri) We've been looking all over for you! Dad and I were feeling a little bad that we've made you spend Christmas eve on this boat. Has it been too boring for you tonight?

Teri: Well, it hasn't exactly been. . . (at this point John, while sleeping, breaths deeply and makes the noisemaker sound out)

Mom: What was that!

Teri: I. . . uh. . . um. . . uh. . . it's just the sea breeze tonight. It's been a little strange.

Dad: I'd say!

Mom: When are coming down to the cabin? We're going to send a ship-to-shore message to Aunt Patti and Uncle Tom.

Chris: You can do that?

Dad: Sure. Why? Is there someone you'd like to send a message to?

Chris: It would be great to send a message to Rick and Lisa.

Lynn: And what about Michelle and Randy?

Teri: We'll stay up here and work on our messages, then meet you downstairs in a little while.

Chris: In the meantime we'll see if we can rouse sleeping beauty over there. (motioning towards John)

Teri: OK, let's see, how should we start it out?

Choir sings "Keep Christmas With Us In Your Heart"

Dear Friends though we're far apart

Will you keep Christmas with us in your heart

Even though we are not with you to celebrate today

We'll always be together if you can find the way

To keep Christmas with us in your heart

To keep Christmas with us in your heart

We've discovered while we're out here on the sea

That no matter where we are to us Christmas will be

A time to laugh have some fun

A time to praise the infant son

What we have learned

Is to keep Christmas in our hearts

We've decided from now on to always live

For the God who gave so much as he did give

And we are all in one accord

To praise the everlasting Lord

By keeping Christmas in our hearts

Keeping Christmas in our hearts

Dear Friends we wish you Christmas cheer

Yours so sincerely your friends far and near

Lynn: I think these messages will do just fine.

Chris: I just hope they get them before Christmas day is over!

Teri: Are you guys ready to go to the cabins now?

John: Not just yet. . .

Chris: What's up?

Lynn: Yea, I thought you were ready to close the books on this Christmas!

Teri: Lighten up, guys. Come on, John, what's up?

John: I just wanted to thank you guys for making this a great Christmas eve. At first I thought this was going to be a real disaster, but you've all been really patient with me tonight. I needed to be reminded about the real meaning Christmas, and being out here has really helped me to see that I was being selfish. Christmas is about remembering what God has done for us by celebrating together with our friends. I thought this was going to be the worst Christmas ever, but it's turned out to be the best Christmas I've ever known.

Teri: I gotta agree. . .

Chris: Me too. . .


What a Great Christmas Its Turned out to Be!

What a great Christmas its turned out to be

Even though we're out in the middle of the sea

It's been a great holiday

It's a wonderful way

To celebrate, celebrate, celebrate Christmas

So ring the bells

beat the drum

Chant a merry ho, ho, ho, ho, dum-de-dum-de-dum

Light a candle put the wreath on the sill

Then settle back and watch as the world grows still

Silent Night

Holy Night

All is calm all is bright

It's a great Christmas a great Christmas

What a great Christmas it's turned out to be

So bake the cake

put the punch in the bowl

for Christmas is the best thing for your body mind and soul

put the tinsel and the lights on the tree

now settle back and listen to this melody

Yea Lord we greet thee born this happy morning

O Come let us adore him Christ the Lord

it's a great Christmas, a great Christmas

What a great Christmas it's turned out to be

(At the end of the song, everyone begins to leave. While walking out the following discussion takes place:)

Lynn: So what do you think, guys, should we do this again next year?

Chris: No thanks!

Teri: I'll pass. . .

John: I thought I heard mom and dad talking about a boat ride down the Amazon for next Christmas. . .

Lynn: You mean like in the jungle, with alligators and snakes?

Chris: Oh great. . . just when you think it's all over. . .


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