Let's Party

A musical by Raymond J. Lombardi

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Moses, Esther, Ruth, David and Isaiah have been asked to organise the arrangements for the millenium's big event, the birth of Jesus.


Queen Esther
An angel
Reuben the shepherd
Three Wisemen


Choir sings "Weíre Planning A Party"

Weíre planniní a party,
A birthday celebration
Weíre planniní a party
Weíll send an invitation
To every woman and man
Every girl and every boy
Gonna plan a party that is full of
Peace and hope and joy
Weíre planniní a party
A brithday celebration
Weíre planniní a party
For the King of Kings!

We gotta think through all the details
We gotta cover every base
We gotta schedule the music
We gotta choose the time and place
Itís gotta be just right
Canít have anything go wrong
Weíre gonna think and plan
All day long!
This is going to be
The greatest party youíll see!

ACT I: The First Committee Meeting

(Staging: The biblical characters are sitting around a table, with Moses at the head. There is a whiteboard (or chalkboard) right behind Moses. Moses needs a marker or chalk. Costumes should reflect the biblical character.)

Moses: All right, everyone, letís come to order! (he bangs the gavel on the table) We need to get this meeting underway - weíve got a lot to discuss. First order of business is to take attendance. (the rest of the group groans) Queen Esther?

Queen Esther: Yes, Moses, Iím here ... Iím sitting right in front of you!

Moses: Yes, and looking very queenly, if I might add. Now, King David?

David: Is this really necessary?

Moses: Yes, the Father said I was to make sure that everyone was accounted for. Now are you here or not?

David: Fine. Iím here.

Moses: Ruth?

Ruth: Present.

Moses: And last but not least, Isaiah?

Isaiah: Present as always.

Moses: OK, weíre all here. Now all of you should have been briefed by Gabriel about the purpose of our mission. Weíre calling it: "Operation C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S." (Everyone starts murmuring and whispering to one another, while Ruth puts her hand up)

Ruth: Iím sorry, but what does C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. mean?

Moses: I thought Gabriel was going to explain all of this to you! (Moses turns to write on the whiteboard - or chalkboard and writes Committee to Herald the Royal Infant Son To Man As Savior on the board.)
We are the Committee to Herald the Royal Infant Son To Man As Savior. Our mission is to make the birth of the savior a very special event. So we need to plan the location, the guests, the accommodations, everything! No detail must go unplanned! Now in the latest E-mail I got from the Father (Moses pulls out a folded piece of paper and starts to open and read it, while Ruth puts her hand up again ...) Yes Ruth, what is it this time?

Ruth: Iím sorry, but whatís an E-mail?

Moses: Youíve never received an E-mail? You need to catch up with the times, Ruth!

David: E-mail means Eternal Mail. You DO know that the Fatherís words are Eternal, donít you, Ruth?

Ruth: Well, I ...

Isaiah: Iím getting a vision ... I see a time in the distant future when E-mail will play a major role in the lives of many people, and somehow a man who builds gates is involved ... or is that Bill Gates?

Moses: Enough already! Now as I was saying, in His latest E-mail to me, the Father indicated that we should pick a very special place for the child to be born into the world.

Queen Esther: I know a palace in Persia thatís perfect for large parties. Iím sure we can fit, five, maybe six thousand people in the banquet hall.

Moses: I donít think that is what the Father had in mind! He wanted something rather small, intimate, and cozy.

Isaiah: Iím getting a vision of a very rustic setting ... lots of animals around, some real nature smells.

Ruth: Thatís sounds gross! (Cue in music for "Thereís No Place Like Bethlehem")

David: That reminds me of my old hometown, Bethlehem. Iíd be out on the slopes at night, listening to all the sounds of nature - the chirping insects, the bleating of the sheep ... the nights were cold, the days warm ... why, I can still smell the flowers covering the fields as the sheep grazed nearby. You know, thereís no place like Bethlehem ... thereís just no better place that I can think of for the baby to be born!

Choir sings "Thereís No Place Like Bethlehem"

Thereís no place like Bethlehem
To be the birthplace of Godís only son
Thereís no place like Bethlehem
To host a party for the little one
Who would grow to give his life
Who would end all sin and strife
Thereís no place like Bethlehem, like Bethlehem
Thereís no place like Bethlehem
Though no palaces were built for him
Thereís no place like Bethlehem
Though they couldnít find room at the inn
Just a manger dark and bare
In the frosty moonlit air
Thereís no place like Bethlehem, like Bethlehem
The great and mighty cities
The peaceful towns by the sea
The little village hamlets
Had hoped that they would be
The place where the king of kings would be born
But God had chosen Bethlehem
A tiny, sleepy town
To be the place where the tiny babe
Would be born to one day wear a crown
Thereís no place like Bethlehem
the prophet had claimed long ago
Thereís no place like Bethlehem
The angels said that it was so
There in Bethlehem that night
The world received the light
In the town called Bethlehem, in Bethlehem
In Bethlehem
in Bethlehem

Moses: Bethlehem sounds like a fine place for the child to be born. All in favor say "Amen!" (Everyone says "Amen!") All opposed say "Shalom!" (No one responds) Itís settled then! Bethlehem it is. Now, letís see, who should we invite to come and witness this birth?

Esther: Shouldnít we invite all the kings and queens of the earth?

Ruth: What about all the priests and religious leaders. Shouldnít we include them?

David: Maybe we should include the rich and famous. After all, it would be nice for him to get some great birthday gifts.

Isaiah: Iím getting a vision ... I see humble people ... real "salt of the earth" types. They seem rugged, a little dirty, worn clothes, some of them need a bath ...

David: Sounds like most of my shepherd friends!

Esther: Shepherds! Why in the world would we want to invite shepherds to this royal occasion? It doesnít make any sense!

Ruth: And just whatís wrong with the common folks? I was a common girl myself when I walked the earth!

Moses: I remember when I was a prince in Egypt ... and then for many years I did some shepherding myself. Shepherds are humble folk. Theyíre honest , hardworking, and they really care about their flocks.

Isaiah: Seems to me I remember writing something about this very thing as well. In my book ... by the way, have you read my book lately? Anyway, in my book I said that the Messiah would be like a lamb. So I think itís very appropriate to invite shepherds as the honored guests!

Moses: All those in favor of inviting shepherds to the celebration, say "Amen!" (Everyone says Amen) All those opposed say "Shalom!" (No one responds) Itís settled then. Perhaps we should see just how the shepherds will react.
I see a little shepherd down there right now. Canít be much more than a boy! His name is Reuben, and heís taking care of his fatherís flock. Why donít we send a couple of angels down and invite him?

Scene now switches to Reuben, who is standing in center stage, leaning on his staff and whistling the melody to "I Am His Special Guest". Suddenly he looks up to the sky. (Angels are speaking to him, but the audience neither sees nor hears the angels)

Reuben: Hello? Are you talking to me? (pause) You are! (more like a question than a statement) You want to invite me to WHAT? (pause) I see ... well, Iíve got this flock here with me ... but ... I donít ... Iím not ... God the Father said that?!! Well, yes, of course, Iíd be honored! Iíll get ready to leave right now! (music begins) Wow! Iíve been invited to birth of the Messiah! Iím going to be his special guest!
(Reuben sings "I Am His Special Guest")

I Am His Special Guest
from the musical "Letís Party!"
Iíll be his special guest
Iíll go by special request
For the Father up in heaven
Was lookiní down at me
And saw this little shepherd
underneath the olive tree
He invited me to come
Where in the manger straw
a miracle of miracles
Fills the room with awe
Iíll be his special guest
Choir (Heíll be Godís Special Guest)
I am his special guest
And I can never rest
Until Iíve gone to see
What the angels told me of
The one they said that came
To show the world Godís love
I just canít believe itís true
That God invited me
A lowly shepherd boy
From a town near Galilee
I am his special guest
Choir (he is Godís special guest)
No one in my family is important
No oneís ever been a prince or king
No oneís even ever been to Egypt
And yet the angels came to me to sing
That they wanted ME to go to see him
The one they called the babe Emmanuel
So I am right now on my way to go there
Along the way Iím gonna shout and tell
I am his special guest
Iíve got a special quest
To go up to the Inn
Where the party has begun
To see this little babe
The Fatherís only son
I may be a shepherd boy
Just a humble little lad
But I will give my heart
and make the Father glad
that Iím his special guest,
that Iím his special guest,
that Iím his special guest

At the end of the song Rueben leaves the stage, and the focus returns to the committee
Following the song, the committee is a little confused ...

Ruth: Moses, I donít understand something. Weíre planning this big celebration for the birth of the Messiah, but yet youíve already invited that little shepherd boy! I donít get it!

Isaiah: (trying to be patient) Itís called "foreshadowing", my dear. We just got a little prophetic glimpse into the future just now. I used to have them quite frequently when I was on earth!

Esther: So what just happened didnít really happen?

Isaiah: Not yet. But the response of Reuben tells us that the shepherds are a great choice to go celebrate the birth of Christ.

Moses: People, letís get back on task! Weíve got much more to plan! Now , what about the entertainment?

Queen Esther: I once knew these guys who could swallow flaming swords ...

David: Thatíll make the sheep scatter to the four corners of the earth !

Ruth: Why canít we use heavenís praise band? Have you heard them lately ? I just found out that theyíre doing a show tonight.

Isaiah: Hm ... Iím getting another vision ... Tonight Show ... many bands, a few bad comedians ... many jokes about a man named "Clinton" who lives in a big white house. Itís all very fuzzy, you know!

David: Iíll take that over the flaming sword guy any day.

Esther: I guess the Praise band does sound a little more festive ...

Moses: I sure canít think of any better way to announce the coming of the Messiah. After all, theyíve been waiting for him to come ever since I was a boy in Egypt! So, do we need to take a vote? (everyone nods their heads "yes", Moses sighs and says) Fine. All those in favor of having Heavenís Praise Band provide the music please signify by saying "Amen!" (Everyone says "Amen!") All those opposed say "Shalom!" (Everyone just sits there) The motion is carried. Someone needs to get the message to the angel Jubal to get the band together and put on the show!

Choir sings "Heavenís Praise Band"

Heavenís Praise Band
words and music by Ray Lombardi

Itís time to tune the instruments
Gotta practice and prepare
For the party needs some music
Some tunes with style and flair
Gotta warmup all the singers
Gotta setup all the drums
Gotta tinkle on the ivories
Gotta practice guitar strums
Heavenís praise band is coming
Gonna sing Gonna shout Gonna Praise
Heavenís praise band is coming
Weíre gonna worship all our days
Weíll be singing a birthday tune
To the newborn king tonight
Heavenís praise band is coming
And this band is outta sight!

The angels form the chorus
That sing the happy song
That Jesus Christ is born today
What weíve waited for so long
The angels singing gloria
The trumpets do proclaim
The praise band sent from heaven
Will never be the same!
Heavenís praise band is coming
Weíre going to shout and sing
A song for the birthday of the great Messiah King!

(An angel appears who hands Moses a note and leaves. Moses opens the note.)

David: What did you get?

Moses: Itís another E-Mail from the Father. Heís telling us that He wants us to invite three kings from distant lands to come to the celebration. Apparently, the three know each other, but they are each from different lands.

David: How are they going to find out about Bethlehem?

Ruth: Yeah ... itís not like we have some sort of global system for people to be able to interact and network individually and corporately no matter where they might live or work.

Isaiah: Iím getting another vision ... I see that someday, Ruth, people will be able to do just what you said. Itíll be called the ... INTER- NET.

Esther: Thatís impossible! Thereís no way a person on one side of earth will be able to interact with someone on the other side!

Isaiah: Not true! Not true!" I see a messenger in my vision ... an "instant messenger" if you will ... but, for some reason, at the top of my vision are the letters A.O.L. What can that possibly mean?!!!

Moses: People, people, stop fantasizing about something that canít possibly happen! We need to figure out a way to get those gentlemen to Bethlehem. Something big ... something bright ... something that will grab their attention ... (Moses appears lost in thought)

Ruth: You mean like a star? (everyone basically ignores her)

David: Hm ... letís see, big, bright, grabs attention ... a sign on the top of the highest mountain?í

Ruth: How about a star?

Esther: We could ask the Father to send a big lightening strike that points right down to Bethlehem!

David: Youíve got to be kidding ... Ď

Moses: (still lost in his own thoughts) Letís see ... Heís been a pillar of fire by night, a cloud by day ...

Ruth: What about a star?

Moses: (excitedly) Iíve got it! How about an unusual STAR right about Bethlehem! Then we just tell them to follow the star! (Everyone except Ruth acts real excited about the idea while Ruth fumes ... ) Now, Ruth you were saying ... ?

Ruth: Forget it! Letís just tell them to follow the star!

Choir sings "Just Follow that Star"

Heavenís Praise Band
words and music by Ray Lombardi

Just follow that star
Just follow that star
It will lead you to the place
As it brightly shines in space
Just follow that star
Just follow that star

He could have given us a roadmap
He could have sent an angel guide
He could have made a special landmark
But this is what He did provide
So, just follow that star
Just follow that star
It will lead you to the place
As it brightly shines in space
Just follow that star
Just follow that star

Itís a beacon pure and bright
It will guide them through the night
It was placed with a loving hand
so that men from a distant land, could,
Just follow that star
He could have marked a path with ribbons
He could have paved a road so wide
He could have cut a trail through forests
But he chose a star to be the guide, so

Choir concludes; Lights dim, intermission


(The committee reconvenes and talks excitedly among one another as they realize that the day has finally come and Christ has been born in Bethlehem, just as they had planned it. The conversation begins ...)

Moses: People, people, letís come to order please! Even though everything is going smoothly down on earth we need to stay focused! I need status reports on the proceedings! Now, David, was all prepared as planned in Bethlehem?

David: Check!

Moses: Was the manger ready as we agreed?

Ruth: Check!

Moses: Did the Praise band arrive on schedule?

Esther: Check!

Moses: Did the shepherds find their way to the Inn?

Isaiah: Check!

Moses: Did the wise men arrive yet?

(silence - everyone looks around like it wasnít their job to find out ... Moses gets impatient and repeats the question)

Moses: Well? What about the wisemen? Who was supposed to check this detail?

(Ruth timidly raises her hand ... )

Ruth: I think I was, sir ...

Moses: Donít tell me we didnít follow up on the wisemen! The Father was very specific! Heís not going to ... (Isaiah interrupts him)

Isaiah: Ah ... Moses, I think theyíve just arrived. Donít forget, they had the furthest to travel. Iím just glad they got here at all. Why, some would have given up long ago and just headed home. But these three men knew that it was worth coming all this way to meet the child born a savior. I gotta hand it to them - they really stuck it out! I think I can hear them talking about their trip right now! (Isaiah puts a hand behind his ear as the music begins for "Weíve Come All This Way")

Wisemen Trio sings "Weíve Come All This Way"

Weíve Come All This Way
(The Song of the Wise men)

It was a long , long journey
Weíre tired and weíre cold
Our feet are really achiní
And our bones feel so old
But weíve finally come to Bethlehem
To celebrate this day
It is for this one purpose that
Weíve come all this way!

I bring gifts of gold
I bring gifts of frankincense
I bring gift of myrrh
We went to all expense
To bring the King of Kings and Lord of Lords a gift on his birthday
For this is the reason we came all this way
There were dangers on this journey
And Herod tried to learn
About this little baby king
He wants us to return
But we wonít give in to his lies
When we have done our stay, for
Jesus is the reason that
Weíve come all this way

Moses: Well, I donít know about you folks, but Iím thrilled that things came off without a hitch! Isaiah, how do you think the rest of the world will feel about the Messiahís coming?

Isaiah: I donít want burst your bubble, Moses, but I wouldnít count on too many people getting very excited.

Ruth: Whyís that, Isaiah?

Isaiah: Well, you see the Messiah has been sent to the world to save mankind, but man is filled with sin, and doesnít think he needs a savior. So when that little boy becomes a man, heís going to cause quite a stir among the people. But not to worry - you see, God the Father has a very special plan for the Messiah that will be important to every man, woman and child that walks the earth. Someday, the Messiah will be beaten, and broken, and then put to death.
I wrote about this very thing in my book - by the way, have you read my book lately? In my book I said that he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities, and by his wounds we are healed. I know this is very difficult, but remember, his dying will give us all new life. And thatís why tonight is a special time to rejoice. And so tonight, we celebrate!

David: I feel like singing! Why, I havenít written a Psalm in centuries ! I better get started on something appropriate!

Esther: This is just like the day when Mordecai saved the Jews from destruction!

Ruth: And like the time my beloved husband Boaz saved me from a life of despair!

Moses: We ALL have reason to celebrate ... because the MESSIAH has come to earth! Praise Jehovah! Letís celebrate His birth!

Choir presents finale "What A Party, What A Night"

What A Party, What A Night!
words and music by Ray Lombardi

What a party, What a night
What a time of pure delight
What a celebration
What a time to laugh and sing
In the birthday party for the little newborn king! (repeat)
Everyone gathered all around
And did not dare to make a sound
Every beast was still, every breath was held
Until he was born then we all joined and yelled
What a party, What a night
What a time of pure delight
What a celebration
What a time to laugh and sing
In the birthday party for the little newborn king!
Joy to the world, the Lord has come
Let earth receive her king
Let every heart prepare him room
And heavín and nature sing
And heavín and nature sing
And heavín and heavín and nature sing!
What a party, What a night
What a time of pure delight
What a celebration
What a time to laugh and sing
In the birthday party for the little newborn king!
O come let us adore Him
O come let us adore Him
O come let us adore Him
Christ the Lord


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