A Christmas to Remember

By: John Charles Siedenberg II


When Theatre Producer Ebenezer Scrooge discovers that his theatre is being used to host a Christmas Play, he decides to sabotage it. That night he is warned by his old partner Jacob Marley of three ghosts who will soon be there to change his outlook on life. He is taken from the Manager scene to the crucifixtion, and the home of his employee Bob Cratchit to his own grave. Based on Charles Dicken's A Christmas to Remember, this show helps show the true "Meaning of the Season", with moments of laughter and fun, and seasoned with enough carols and songs to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

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Bob Cratchet
Tim Cratchet
Jacob Marley
Ghost of the Past
Ghost of the Present
Ghost of the Future
3 Guards


Scene 1

(Start of the scene is Scrooge and Cratchit in a little office where Bob is working on signs and Scrooge is working on tickets and pay checks)

Scrooge: Mr. Cratchit

Bob: Yes sir?

Scrooge: Do you know what today is?

Bob: Why yes it's Christmas Eve!

Scrooge: NO! It's the seventh year anniversary of Jacob Marley's death!

Bob: Yes, sir I know. He was a very good man!

Scrooge: HUMBUG! He wasn't a good man at all! He was never here at work, and when he was he was daydreaming of helping the poor! Don't the taxes we pay for those work houses do enough!

Bob: Sir, the poor should be helped better than that since many would rather die, they're worse of than EVEN me! I think-

Scrooge: You think nothing! Besides if they would rather die they'd better do so to decrease the surplus population. Keep your mind on finishing the signs for the play in three days instead of busying your little brain on the poor!

Bob: Yes, sir! Sorry!

Scrooge: What's the name of this confounded play that's to be a surprise for me and that I have been supporting for the past three months?

Bob: Well, uh (trying to hide the truth)

Scrooge: (Walking over to the desk Bob is working at, Scrooge reads the sign out loud) Under a Star, a CHRISTMAS play based on the manger and the hope that CHRISTMAS brings! (Bob sighs at the knowledge of the yelling he's about to receive) What is the meaning of this? Why did NO ONE tell me about this being a Christmas- (He is interrupted by George entering the office)


Scrooge: (Calmed down a little) HUMBUG! What are YOU doing here?

George: I WANTED to invite to my annual Christmas celebration at my house tomorrow evening. But if you'd rather not I shalln't worry my head about you though I do pity you uncle!

Scrooge: Well take your pity and save it for every person who goes around with merry Christmas on his lips. You know those people should be boiled in their own pudding (snickers) and buried with a steak of holly through their heart (laughs very loudly)

George: But uncle-

Scrooge: (Still humored by his joke) Nephew, keep Christmas in your way and let me keep it in mine.

George: Keep it! But you don't keep it!

Scrooge: Then let me leave it alone then and get out of my office I have work to do!

George: I shall be praying VERY VERY hard for YOU uncle Ebenezer.

Scrooge: OUT!

George: Merry Christmas uncle, and to you Bob Cratchit

Bob: Same to you sir!

Scrooge: Bah!

George: (Loudly) And a Happy New Year!

Scrooge: BAH HUMBUG!

(George leaves)

Bob: Sir, I was wondering if I could have the day off tomorrow.

Scrooge: To enjoy the Christmas festivities tomorrow?

Bob: Yes, it's only once a year anyway sir, I'm almost done with the signs and can finish them at home!

Scrooge: Why do you insist on picking a man's pocket every twenty fifth of December?

Bob: Please, Sir I'll make it up! I promise I will!

Scrooge: Be here all the earlier the next day!!

Bob: Yes sir!

Scrooge: I'm leaving now Cratchit, you'll lock up as soon as you're done!

Bob: Yes, sir, good night sir!

(Scrooge exits and end of scene)


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