The Christmas Star

By Jarrod Midkiff


Christmas means Christmas Lights, and Christmas Lights means big money for CLI. So what happens when one little girl brings Jesus into the picture? This drama is funny, with characters such as "Moodolf the Bucktooth Heifer" and "Barry, Burley, and Bo", but is very serious about reaching out to the lost, and reminding us all of what Christmas is really about.

Length: 1 hr

Number of Parts: 17 plus extras (minimum 9 male, 7 female, 1child)


Terri Brown: New York tycoon, Owner of Christmas Light, Incorporated
Julie: Director of Marketing for CLI, obsessed with Giorgio
Dianne: Director of Consumer Relations… better known as the Tour Guide. Should talk in a polite, manner (in front of visitors)
Greg: Stage Director, wears dark glasses, and talks in a Middle Eastern accent
Steve: Stagehand, etc. Not always the smartest cookie, but he knows what's important
Archie: Lead Writer. Jittery, and kind of impatient. Obsessed with deadlines, etc.
Giorgio: Hired musician. Sometimes eccentric, but a good person all-around
Cindy: Very annoying New Jersey accent. Always smacking gum, etc. Very casual in dress, possibly with frizzy hair.
Donnie: Director of Research. Very facts and figures oriented.
Visitor 1: Takes part in factory tour. Must be a pre-teen.
Visitor 2: Takes part in factory tour.
Mandy: Relatively normal, compared to the others; Not just another visitor…
Barry: Spoof of "Larry"
Burly: Spoof of "Curly"
Bo: Spoof of "Mo"
The Grinch: Actor in a commercial
Moodolf: Another actor in a commercial


Scene 1

Terri: Alright, people! We have one week to pull this off. The company has spent millions of dollars in commercial time on all the big networks, and we don't even have a commercial yet!

Archie: Don't look at me! I'm just the writer. Marketing hasn't even submitted their ideas to me yet.

Terri: (with hateful attitude) I wonder what the holdup is. Cindy, call Marketing. Tell Julie I want a meeting… NOW!

Cindy: (leaning against the desk, filing nails) Hold your horses, Misses Brown. I can't dial with my fingers like this. It's an occupational hazard! I might get a hangnail! (Archie calls on office phone, and pretends to talk)

Terri: Um, remind me why I keep you here.

Cindy: Aw, that's easy. I'm ya niece, doll..

Archie: (putting phone back on hook) I took the liberty of calling Julie myself. She's on her way down here right now!

Cindy: Thanks for doing that for me, and helping out a lady in distress. You're a real sweetheart! You know, I go through three sets of these nails in a week!

Archie: Please, don't mention it. In fact, don't talk at all. I can't stand that accent of yours.

Cindy: Humph! (crosses arms, and looks up with her eyes closed)

Archie: (to Mrs. Brown) I'm sorry, Mrs. Brown. I'm already 3 days, 12 hours and (looking at watch) 52 minutes late. If Marketing doesn't get their act together, I'm down the creek without a canoe, I mean up the paddle without a river, I mean…

Terri: …up the creek without a paddle?

Archie: Close enough! But, what am I supposed to do? (Steve pushes coffee tray into scene, and gives Terri a cup)

Terri: Try… breathing.

Archie: I checked the schedule. There's no time for that. I'm not a miracle worker! These things take time. Time I haven't got. It's not like you can just take the first thing I write down. I mean, I'm good, but not that good, and besides…(continues babbling, quietly)

Terri: That's it. Steve, from now on, he's switching to decaf, you got that?

Steve: Decaf, what?

Terri: Coffee. (sarcastically) Decaf coffee? (Julie walks in with a stack of posters)

Steve: (pouring a cup of coffee)(long and drawn out) Oh! Right.

Julie: Mrs. Brown, I understand you wanted to see me?

Terri: Yes, Julie. Please sit down here at the table. (Julie hands Steve posters; Steve walks to nearby easel with poster boards, puts them upside down, of course). I understand that you still don't have my commercial ready yet. Is there, (short pause) some sort of problem?

Julie: Well, yes and no. You see, the marketing department has formulated three different sales pitches. They are all very good, I'm sure you'll agree. Steve has everything ready, so I guess now is as good a time as any. (Reading from clipboard "sporadically") Our first idea is quite simple- spelling out our company name in Christmas lights, with people "oo-ing" and "ah-ing" on the sides. (flips posters around)

Terri: Are you suggesting that we should spend millions of dollars on air time, but only a buck- fifty on the commercial itself? You've got (dramatic pause) to be kidding me. Remember, this year we are trying for the prestigious "Commercial of the Year" award.

Julie: Don't worry. Our second idea is better. We need a new company jingle, something that will catch people's attention. Something that people will be singing, even in the middle of summer. Use some Christmas carolers, and bodabing, bodaboom, you've got yourself a new commercial.

Terri: That sounds a little bit better. You're bringing in that feeling of holiday warmth that comes from family and friends. I love making money off of sentimental gobbledy-gook! It seems like I've seen that before, though. (Donnie enters)

Archie: I'd hope so. The other guys at Light Your Christmas did that one last year. Try that number, and you'll be sued out of a job.

Terri: I thought that sounded familiar! I hope your last idea is really, (matter-of-factly) really good!

Julie: Oh, it is! Trust me, it is. I think. We need to get an icon…

Terri: A what?

Donnie: A symbol, a persona, a Superstar.

Archie: Okay, Don, enough with the definitions! (to Julie) I'm followin' ya now!

Julie: We need someone with a big, bright personality. Someone whose name MEANS Christmas. We still need a slogan, something about big and bright, and… whatever. But there's a problem…

Terri: That sounds great! What could possibly be the problem?

Julie: Well, it's quite small really. I don't know who our star should be.

Terri: You mean, I pay you $75,000 dollars a year to do nothing but figure out how to sell our lights, and you can't even do that!

Julie: Actually, its $78,000 a year, with benefits.

Terri: Whatever! I need stars, and I need them now!

Archie: Aw, there's hundreds to choose from. Let's see, there's that George guy from "It's a Wonderful Life," or maybe someone from that new version of The Christmas Carol; hey… Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer even has a nose that glows-just like our lights. See… no problem!

Donnie: Well, technically Archie, there is! You see, every one of them has already been taken. As Director of Research, I've checked out everything imaginable from Polar Bears to penguins, and everything in between. There's nothing left, thanks to our competitors.

Archie: How about that guy from…

Donnie: No sir.

Archie: Well, there's the one …

Donnie: I've already checked.

Archie: What about that boy in…

Donnie: Do you really want HIM promoting our company?

Archie: I guess your right, but there just has to be SOMEBODY!

Terri: I like that idea, so let's go on ahead and get started. Archie, you start working on that jingle. Julie, you and Steve go and help out Donnie. We're gonna get this out in time, or else.

Steve: Or else? Else what, Mrs. Brown?

Terri: (Sternly) Or else, Steve.

Steve: (not understanding for a moment, then very short and quick) Oh! Right.

Scene 2

Dianne: (to Julie) So, how did the meeting go? (Mrs. Brown storms across the stage, from one side to the other) Ah, that bad?

Julie: She thinks that when she says jump, we're supposed to say, "How High?" I've been working for months on this. I don't know what to do! I'll lose my job if I don't think of something-FAST!!

Dianne: What do you need exactly? I've got a tour coming up in about 10 minutes, but maybe I can help.

Julie: The only idea that Mrs. Brown even liked was hiring a star to promote our commercial. We can't think of anybody "Christmassy" enough to work, though.

Dianne: Maybe you're going in the wrong direction. You ever hear of Giorgio?

Julie: Hear of him!?! Why I have all of his cd's! (laughing off the idea) But we'd never be able to get him to come and do our silly little commercial. (serious, sighing) Just think, though! (excited) All my friends would be so jealous! He'd be perfect!

Dianne: I might be able to arrange something. I have a few connections… (Donnie walks in)

Julie: Oh, would you?!? I'd pay anything to be able to meet him, especially since it's the company that's going to do the paying and all… (Dianne walks to cubicle and picks up telephone)

Donnie: After careful scrutinization, and examining all available options, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one Christmas Star that has not been used in some way, shape, form, or fashion in any of our competitors commercials. I have informed Archie, and he has already come up with a script for your benefit. He also has some ideas of his own.

Julie: That's nice, but I think I've found the solution. We're trying to get Giorgio to come.

Donnie: Who's Giorgio?

Julie: Who's Giorgio! WHO'S GIORGIO?!? Just the greatest singer in the world! (turns around, then turns back, shouting in Donnie's face) EVER!!!

Donnie: (rubbing his ears) Never heard of him. I wouldn't plan on going and telling Archie, though. He's already extremely upset with you!

Dianne: It's settled… My brother will be here first thing in the morning.

Julie: (sounds a little upset) Your brother? (Thinking, then in a nicer tone) Does he work for Giorgio?

Dianne: (laughing) No, no, no. My brother IS Giorgio. (Julie faints, Donnie drops clipboard to catch)

Donnie: She appears to be absolutely gaga over him, if I may borrow the term. (helps Julie up)

Julie: Giorgio! Here! On This Stage! Isn't it wonderful?

Donnie: Apparently you have already forgotten about the Archie situation. Here's his first script. He's also working on a backup, just in case. What do you think?

Julie: Oh, look! It's got a song! No problem! We'll just get (lovingly) Giorgio (sighs) to sing it.

Donnie: Somehow, I doubt this song is quite his genre or caliber.

Julie: (still with stars in her eyes) I don't have a clue what you just said. I'll go and let Archie know…

Scene 3

Dianne: Hello. I'd like to thank you for participating in this tour of our factory. Here at Christmas Light Incorporated, we feel it is our duty to reach out to our customers. To your right, you will see our factory. We manufacture thousands of strands of lights each year, in all colors, shapes, and sizes. (looking at table with workers) Ah! Our first stop is here, at returns. I'll let (looking at the supervisor's nametag) Bo tell you about his department.

Bo: Welcome, allayuz! (Dianne looks horrified on hearing Bo's accent) This here part of the factory, we fix up Christmas lights, see. We check every strand to make sure it works, an if'n it don't, its Burley here's responsibility to check every bulb.

Burley: Um, boss, could you come over here for a second.

Bo: Not nows, I's busy showin' these fine folks the factory.

Barry: But it's real important!

Bo: I ain't gots time for this. You and Barry get back to work. Hey, where's Barry?

Burley: (Barry hops out from behind the backdrop) Let's just say, he's all tied up at the moment. (plugs light strand into outlet) Hmm… this set seems to be working just fine. Wonder why it got sent back?

Bo: You Knuckleheads! (chases them around back of table, and behind backdrop)

Barry: (from behind backdrop) Ow!! What'ja go and do that fer?

Dianne: (clears her throat, looking rather embarrassed) Let's continue on, shall we? (Terri walks in) What a nice surprise! I'd like to introduce you to Terri Brown, CEO and owner of Christmas Light Incorporated. How are things going today, Mrs. Brown? (Mrs. Brown shuffles on past without a response, and exits on the other side of the stage) Mrs. Brown? (shocked and perplexed) Oh, dear!

Cindy: (chasing after Mrs. Brown) You'll have to excuse her. She's already on a tight schedule, (whispering to Dianne) and I forgot to bring her appointment book with me. (normal voice) She's gonna start spittin' nails anytime now!

Dianne: (muttering out loud to herself) Can this get any worse!?! (suddenly having a moment of inspiration) (to visitors) Today, we have a special treat for you! We are in the middle of filming our annual Christmas commercial, and as it so happens, the famous Giorgio is here with us today! You will all have a chance to meet him! I first need to get permission to take you all to the studio, so feel free to roam around for a little while; I'll be back to continue the the tour in fifteen minutes. (Dianne walks briskly out of the scene)

Visitor 1: It's definitely busy here!

Visitor 2: It seems to have the Christian spirit.

Mandy: That's not what I would call it. Call me crazy…

Visitor 2: Okay, you're crazy

Mandy: (gives visitor 2 a "look") …but I think they've forgotten the meaning of Christmas!

Visitor 1: That's just silly! How can you forget the meaning of Christmas working here? Christmas is my favorite time of year, and in here, it's Christmas 365 days a year. It makes me feel like a kid again, every time I see those twinkling little lights!

Visitor 2: I hate to break it to you buddy, but you are a kid.

Visitor 1: Oh, right!

Mandy: Come on, guys! Christmas is not about the decorations! There's much more to it than that. You know, that first Christmas, the only decorations were the stars in the sky, and some hay in a manger.

Visitor 2: (pointing towards where Dianne just left through) Doesn't sound much fun. They at least got to have a big Christmas dinner, didn't they? (Dianne re-enters scene carrying "tickets")

Dianne: Here you go! These are your passes. Make sure to keep up with these, as you will need them to see Giorgio. Please, follow me!

Scene 4

Giorgio: Archie boy, are you sure this is what you want?

Greg: Don't worry, Giorgio, I've read it, and the script is pure gold!

Giorgio: I think something's missing. How is this supposed to encourage people to buy Christmas lights?

Greg: Just trust me. The guys in special effects can work wonders!

Giorgio: Okay, if you insist! ("Grinch" enters scene)

Greg: (with hand motion) And…. Action! (lights dim on stage, as visitors enter scene)

Giorgio: ("sings" a few lines, backup band "plays," and Grinch "slithers" around the stage, pilfering lights off the shelves, and holding a dog with antlers tied onto it's head) You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch. You really are a heel. You're as cuddly as a cactus, You're as charming as an eel. Mr. Grinch. You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel. You're a monster, Mr. Grinch. Your heart's an empty hole. Your brain is full of spiders, you've got garlic in your soul. Mr. Grinch. I wouldn't touch you, with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole…

Julie: (stepping in front of the Grinch) This holiday season, remember what is truly important. Buy two strands of lights, and get one free! Spread Christmas cheer this year, as you out-decorate the Jones's next door.

Grinch: At these prices, our lights are a real steal!

Giorgio: You're a vile one, Mr. Grinch, You have termites in your smile. You have all the tender sweetness Of a seasick crocodile. Mr. Grinch. Given the choice between the two of you I'd take the seasick crocodile.

Greg: And… Cut! So, Giorgio, what do you think?

Giorgio: I think… it need some work.

Greg: Work? WORK?!? It's perfect! It's pure art, plain and simple!

Giorgio: I just don't see what this has to do with Christmas!

Greg: That's the beauty of it! We get people to think about the joy of Christmas by showing them this guy who tries to steal Christmas! It's just so beautiful, so artisitic… I couldn't have directed it better myself! (dabbing away tears from his eyes)

Dianne: (talks softly at first, then speaks loudly as Mandy finishes) We would like to thank you for coming on our tour of CLI. On behalf of Consumer Relations, I hope that you have enjoyed this time, and that you let your friends know about our products…(continues through to next "Dianne" line)

Mandy: No, I think Giorgio's right, and I think I know what this commercial is missing!

Dianne: (after Mandy finishes statement) …And that concludes our tour for today! Thank you for stopping by! On your way out, please pick up your complementary bag of Christmas bulbs! Please, come again, and remember to buy your Christmas lights from Christmas Lights Incorporated!

Giorgio: You know what's missing?

Mandy: It's simple, really. (Bo is chasing Barry and Burley, who is still tangled in Christmas lights, across the stage behind Mandy and Giorgio) You've seen everyone running around here like crazy, and the lack of brotherly love among the employees…

Giorgio: Uh-huh…

Mandy: …and I'm sure you noticed how everyone's all wrapped up in the decorations…

Giorgio: (glancing toward Burley)Yeah, I've noticed that here too. People are celebrating all the wrong things about Christmas. They're going about this commercial all wrong. They say they need a star, someone who shows the Christmas spirit. Somehow, I don't think singing about this (pointing to the stage where the Grinch stood) is what Christmas is about. (Dianne walks up to Mandy, lightly tapping her on the shoulder, trying with no avail to get Mandy's attention)

Mandy: You know, it's places like this that teach people that the presents are important, and going places, and doing things… It keeps everyone so busy, that they can't take time out to remember why they are celebrating. I know who your star should be!

Giorgio: Please, tell me! I definitely don't want to send this out, (looking at the Grinch) no offense.

Grinch: Eh, it's not easy being green! (Grabs props and exits scene)

Giorgio: So, what is Christmas really about, and who should be the star?

Mandy: Christmas is about sharing, and togetherness, and love… love that comes from the greatest Star of all…

Dianne: I'm sorry, but you have to leave now. We are not allowed to have visitors in the factory after 3:00.

Mandy: But…

Giorgio: I was talking to her Dianne. Can she stay for just a few more minutes?

Dianne: I'm sorry. Mrs. Brown is on a rampage right now, even more than her usual self. (to Mandy) You can come back tomorrow, though. I'll let you right back to see Giorgio.

Giorgio: Don't worry Mandy! At the rate things are going, I'll still be here. You can tell me more about this star. (Mandy leaves, to Dianne) I wonder who she's talking about.

Greg: (walking onto the stage, handing Giorgio the lyrics for the song) Okay, we're cleared for the next take!

Giorgio: (Gasping when he sees the lyrics, letting Dianne look at them) What is this? I'm a professional! There's no way I'm singing about…

Julie: Hello (lovingly, sighing) Giorgio! I'd like to introduce you to… Moodolf, the buck-toothed heifer! She's the new, cutting edge symbol of Christmas! If we can't find a Christmassy type of star, we'll have to make one ourselves! Not that she could ever compare to you! While they're setting up, could you, um, (pulls up a large stack of cd's) autograph these for me?

Giorgio: (in shock, to Dianne) What's up with her?

Scene 5

Terri: I hear you have some problems with our ads, Giorgio. I've looked over them, and they seem fine!

Giorgio: Look, there's no way that I want to be a part of that mess! I may not know exactly what all Christmas is about, but I do know one thing, it's not about that!

Terri: (laughing softly) Look, you're a popular singer. You know how to give the people what they want to hear, as far as music goes. We, on the other hand, have a whole team devoted to advertising our product! Why can't you trust their judgment? Look, we have two days to finish this commercial. We have to add the special effects, we have to copy the tapes… we don't have time for all of these changes! Why do you care so much, anyway? I just pay you an arm and a leg, and then you can leave.

Giorgio: I don't know why I care so much, really. I met this little girl yesterday, who seemed to know just how I felt. Even better, she knows who would be the perfect star for our commercial. (mumbling to himself) She didn't get a chance to tell me, though.

Archie: Giorgie, I'm givin' you my best stuff, here. You try writing 10 commercials in a row, as well as the songs to go with them. I'm all out of ideas! Please! Just pick one, and be happy! (Mandy rushes into scene, out of breath, stops at door)

Terri: We've got a contract, Giorgio! It doesn't say you have to like the commercial; it just says that you have to sing it. We are going to win the "Best Commercial of the Year". I'm taking these to my office, and I'm not coming out until I have chosen our new ad. You are free to leave, and I would strongly suggest you do so. (Terri storms out, Mandy rushes past, Terri glares at her)

Mandy: (gasping for air, pants twice) Sorry… I'm… late,…! (takes a deep breath, brushing off pieces of wrapping paper) I just got caught in the middle of those weird Christmas light testers…

Giorgio: I'm glad you came, Mandy, but it seems we're too late. They said that we have to choose our ad now!

Mandy: That's just it- everyone's too busy, and too rushed to think of Jesus.

Archie: Was that your big star? (almost scoffing) Jesus Christ?

Mandy: Of course he is! What did you think Christmas was about?!? Presents and decorations and feasting and rushing around everywhere?

Archie: That pretty much sums it up to me.

Steve: Aw, come on Archie! People today have got it all wrong. It's supposed to be about Christ's birthday. Who has ever been to a birthday party where the guests ignore the birthday boy, and run around like crazy, and expect to receive presents instead of giving them?

Cindy: Hey! I've never thought about it that way before!

Mandy: Jesus gave everything he had for us. He gave the hungry, food, he gave the sick, health, and in the end, he gave his life for anyone who would accept him.

Donnie: You know, it's odd you should mention Jesus. Each time I queried documents relating to Christmas, his name consistently appeared. I suppose he is the best specimen to illustrate what Christmas is all about, considering the holiday is named after him, of course.

Mandy: He's the biggest, brightest, shiniest star of all. No one else could ever be as great as him!

Giorgio: (slowly, sort of softly) Yeah. (louder) Yeah!! You're right! He's the perfect star!

Greg: I got my whole angle wrong. I've been thinking about how to promote our product. Maybe that's not how I should have been thinking.

Archie: What do you mean, exactly?

Greg: We can't use someone so wonderful to promote our product. We need to use our product to promote him!

Archie: I'm not sure the boss will like that. We've done spent millions on this campaign. Look, I can write for you whatever you want, but I hardly think you are going to convince her to buy it.

Cindy: Leave that to me, doll.

Archie: You sure?

Cindy: Trust me. I've got contacts, too…Hand me the phone! I've got to make a quick call before I see Mrs. Brown…

Scene 6

Archie: Almost done… There… finished! See how you like it.

Greg: (Steve and Giorgio look over his shoulder, also reading) It has drama, intrigue, the perfect Star… its art!

Steve: Gee, I think it's right nice, myself.

Giorgio: Mandy, you're the one that reminded us what Christmas is all about. We've got an extra space or two we need filled. How would you like to be in this ad?

Mandy: Sure… I'd love to.

Cindy: I got it, guys, I got it!

Greg: Got what?

Cindy: The big lady's o.k. She's still not quite on board, though. She wants to wait and see the "final product".

Steve: Wowee, how did you manage that?

Cindy: The same way I manage to keep this job, honey. She's my auntie. The only person in this world more stubborn than Mrs. Brown is her sister, who just happens to be my mom. I called her on the telephone all the way back home in Jersey, and told her what was goin' on.

Archie: You weren't afraid of breaking your nails?

Cindy: Of course not, silly. I replaced them just as soon as I got off the phone.

Archie: (Groans) Why does that not surprise me?

Greg: Um, Archie, about your commercial… It's great and all, but I think you forgot something.

Archie: What could I have possibly forgot?

Greg: How about Giorgio's song.

Archie: (frantic) Where's my pen? Where's my paper?!? I've got to get to work!

Mandy: There's no need for all of that.

Archie: Why not?

Mandy: I think I know a song. My big sister taught my youth group to sing it. It's not perfect, though…(hands Giorgio the song)

Archie: (laughing) Like the great Giorgio is going to go for that! ( Mandy looks down, sad)

Giorgio: (looks up from paper) Let's go on ahead and run through this. You don't have much time left! (Mandy looks up, excited) (Giorgio, jokingly to try and get Mandy to sing it with him) Only, I don't quite know how it's supposed to sound. Maybe you can help teach me!

Mandy: I've taken care of that, too! (Everyone looks up, surprised, including Giorgio). Come on in, guys! (Dianne and the "Youth Group" comes in)

Scene 7

(Group is standing in front of a Nativity scene, with Baby Jesus decorated entirely of Christmas lights. Angels can be in lights as well)

(start off, youth singing the traditional "Happy Birthday" song:)

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus!
Happy Birthday To You!

(Giorgio sings solo)

Silent Night! Holy Night! All is calm! All is bright!
Round 'yon virgin, mother and child! Holy infant so
Tender and mild! Sleep in heavenly peace! Sleep in
heavenly peace!

Dianne: This year, stop and think about what Christmas is really all about. We celebrate the light of the world, the prince of peace. His name is Jesus Christ. He came to this world to bring hope to all of mankind. He is the biggest, brightest, shiniest star of all. His light is much more beautiful, and much stronger than any strand of Christmas lights. Remember, he gave the best present of all, a gift much better than any man could ever give. From all of us at Christmas Lights Incorporated, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday to our Lord…

(Giorgio sings with youth group)

Silent Night! Holy Night! Son of God, Love's pure light!
Radiant beams from Thy holy face, With the
dawn of redeeming grace, Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth "

Scene 8

Mandy: Hey, I thought you said you didn't know that song!

Giorgio: (laughing) I guess you helped me remember it!

Archie: Now, THAT was something! I've heard about it all my life, but I never knew it was true!

Dianne: Knew what was true?

Archie: Look around! That's the first time that everyone has worked together without fussing and arguing! People always say that Jesus brings peace, and I must admit, I don't understand it.

Mandy: You can, Archie! You may not know why, but you can know it will be there, no matter what. My sister told me that other people don't understand what the big deal is. They think it's boring to go to church, and there's nothing special about it. But if you give Jesus a chance, he can change the way you walk, the way you talk… he can change your life! (Burley, Barry, and Bo enter scene, and begin trying to help Burley out of the Christmas lights)

Archie: I know what you're getting around to. I've still got to think about it some more, though.

Giorgio: What's to think about? I'll admit that I may not be a very good Christian. I get too wrapped up in my career sometimes. It took Mandy to remind me what a difference Jesus makes.

Dianne: You said it yourself, Archie. You can see the difference. (looks over to Barry, Burley, and Bo). Even those guys have stopped arguing in order to help each other out.

Archie: You're right. But what do I need to do?

Steve: Just tell God that you know you don't have all the answers. Let him know that you can't keep going on the way that you are, and you need him to come into your life. You need Jesus as a guiding light to bring you peace. I may not be the sharpest tack in the cookie jar, but I do know that I need Jesus, and I wouldn't want to live without him. (takes Archie by the hand) Let's go talk about this some more over a cup a' Joe. I think you might just be able to handle the regular stuff now.

Giorgio: There's still one little problem… we still need the big lady's approval. Who wants to do the honors?

Julie: I think you should do the honors, Giorgio. And about earlier, I'm sorry I was acting so silly. I guess I was too wrapped up to think about what was going on, too. You really came through for us!

Giorgio: Don't thank me! Thank Mandy! It was her who came up with the idea.

Mandy: Don't thank me! Thank God that he knew what he was doing, both then and now!

Giorgio: (looking at tape in his hand, sucking in his gut, and sighing) Well, here goes nothing! (walks out)

Mandy: (calls down "hallway" to Giorgio)I'll be praying for you!

Dianne: Trust me, if Mrs. Brown is still in that rotten mood, he's going to need it! (Steve and Archie walk in)

Donnie: What happened this evening defies all manner of explanation. Therefore, I say, in everyday, common vernacular: I believe he'll do just fine!

Julie: That's the first time today I've understood a word you've said. (Donnie smiles)

Steve: I have great news - Archie just accepted Jesus as his savior!

Archie: Somehow, I don't feel so stressed out, now. I feel like a ton has been lifted off of me. I don't understand why I feel that way, but I'm glad.

Mandy: You don't need to understand; you just need to believe.

Scene 9

Terri: (from behind the backdrop LOUDLY) What is this?!? (in middle of sentence storms onto stage with Cindy following her) You ask to put together a commercial for me for our lights, and this is the best you could come up with? We're a Christmas lights company. We're supposed to be trying to make money, not waste it!

Archie: I, I don't understand. What's so wrong about this commercial?

Terri: Everything, that's what! Where did you guys even mention our company?

Julie: Look, our logo is right there-in the bottom corner. I guess it is kinda small, isn't it.

Terri: Small doesn't even begin to describe it. I've chosen our commercial, and you can expect to see a whole lot more of Moodolf in the near future. I've already sent the tape out to our production lab, and I'm putting this tape right where it belongs (puts tape in nearby trashcan)

Steve: But, Mrs. Brown,…

Terri: Zip it, Steve. I'm warning you, if you all ever try a stunt like that again, you are all going to be fired (to Cindy) including you, young lady! (Terri storms off stage)

Cindy: Well, I guess that's an improvement. She usually calls me "whatever your name is". (Donnie walks over to Archie's cubicle and picks up the newspaper, removing the "classifieds")

Steve: (emptying out trash can) At least we tried. (picking up tape) Hey, wait a minute. Didn't she say she sent the out the Moodolf bit? (Mandy comes and takes the tape out of Steve's hand)

Giorgio: Yeah. Once that tape comes out, I'll be the laughingstock of the music world! My reputation will be ruined.

Mandy: I wouldn't worry too much about that. (laughs)

Giorgio: Why not?

Mandy: Look what the label says!

Archie: (reads label) "Moodolf- Season 1." We only made one tape. If this is Moodolf, then…

Giorgio: Then…

Mandy: Then, she must have accidentally switched the tapes!

Julie: Oh, no! Do you think we should go tell her?

Greg: It's too late to stop it now, anyway. I guess we can all watch it together, first thing in the morning.

Archie: On our last day of work, I'm sure.

Donnie: (holding up the classifieds) This career opportunity appears to be most promising for you Julie: Associate Director of Advertising for "Ornaments and More Ltd." (everyone crowds in close to get a better look)

Giorgio: Guys, where's your faith? I'm sure God knows what he's doing. (starts singing song) I've got a feeling everything's gonna be alright!

Archie: Let's hope!

Mandy: No, Archie. Let's have faith!

Scene 10

Julie: Last week was kind of tense, wasn't it?

Archie: I thought Mrs. Brown was going to blow a gasket at our viewing party!

Julie: She came pretty close! That phone call came just in time, though!

Archie: What phone call?

Julie: You haven't heard? We were nominated for best Christmas commercial of the year. Even better, our lights have been flying off the shelves. Stores can't keep them in stock!

Dianne: I've noticed Mrs. Brown seems to be in a good mood today.

Donnie: I have been under the supervision of Mrs. Brown for nearly 10 years, and have not yet witnessed an occasion on which she appeared to be more joyous.

Cindy: I've known her my entire life, and have never saw her this happy. (Donnie walks out of scene)

Steve: It's not going to last, though. She's happy because our sales are up. In a while, she'll be back to her old self. She needs a real change in her life. I just wish that she would stop thinking about the bottom line long enough to really listen to that commercial.

Archie: I guess the only thing we can do for her is just pray.

Steve: No, we can do more than that-we can show Mrs. Brown what a difference having Jesus has made in our lives. We can even do that without saying a word. She's known you for a long time Archie. She'll notice the change. (Mandy walks in with Giorgio)

Dianne: It looks like we have special visitors!

Giorgio: Hey guys! I just wanted to drop by and let you know. I'm working on a new Christmas CD. I'm calling it "Christmas Means Christ".

Mandy: Yeah! And our youth group gets to sing a song on it!

Steve: That's wonderful! Ain't it amazing what God can do with three days, and a little kid! (Donnie re-enters scene)

Mandy: I'm not little! I'm ten years old, thank you very much! (everybody starts laughing)

Donnie: I have spectacular tidings! I have amassed the results for the Christmas 2004 Commercial of the Year Award, and indicate that, beyond the realm of expectations that…

Cindy: (matter-of-factly, hint of sarcasm) We won?

Donnie: Precisely. (everyone runs up and hugs each other, jump up and down, cheering loudly, etc. Barry, Burley, and Bo run up to hug each other, but run into each other instead and are knocked backwards into the floor) (curtains close, Mandy steps out through the center)

Mandy: Happy Birthday, Jesus!



If you use this script, please contact me and let me know! I am interested in writing more dramas in the future, but I want to know what I am doing right, and perhaps what needs some improvement. My e-mail address is I look forward to reading your comments. You are free to use this in any manner, provided it is to bring glory to God. Thank you for your interest, and God Bless!