The Evening News Hour

By Kim Saunders


The channel seven evening news hour reports on the birth of the new Savior. With several field reporters interviewing all the characters to set up the creche scene. With humorous commerical breaks throughout the script. The scipt is made for a full Sunday school production. The music is from well-known Christmas carols.


Innkeepers Wife
Men (3)
3 Magi 1
Commercial 1: Farmer, Model, Announcer
Commercial 2: Crazy Al
Commercial 3: Shepherds


Reading: Luke 1:26-38

(Music is played in the background for intro to the news. Anchors are sitting at a desk.)

Marcus: Good evening, I am Marcus of Jericho …

Rebecca: …and I am Rebecca of Bethlehem.

Marcus: Welcome to the Channel 7 evening news.

Rebecca: Tonight's top story is the census. Caesar Augustus has issued a decree that a census will take place of the entire Roman world. Everyone has to go to his own town to register. We now join Aaron of Damascus on location on the hillsides of Bethlehem. Aaron.

Aaron: Thank you Rebecca. I am here in the hills of Bethlehem to talk to the shepherds about what this census means to them. Excuse me sir, have you been to your home town to take part in the census?

Shepherd 1: Yes, I have.

Aaron: What do you think of the massive amounts of people that are now coming into the city?

Shepherd 1: It's been hard to keep all of our sheep together. All these people keep showing up.

Aaron: I see. Will you be glad when the census is over?

Shepherd 1: Yes, at least then we will know where all of our sheep are.

(Angel appears from side of stage.)

Angel 1: Fear not, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find the babe wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.

Aaron: (Very excited) Am I hallucinating? Are you seeing this? Can you believe it? There's an angel here. Did you hear what the angel just said? Look, there's a host of heavenly angels in the sky. They're coming together, it looks like they are going to saying something, they are praising God; let's listen to what they are saying;

Song: While shepherds watched their flocks by night.

Angels: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.

Song: Angels We Have Heard on High.

Aaron: Wow…it's amazing… we're terrified, but at the same time I feel that there is a feeling of peace around us.

Shepherd 2: (going to Aaron.) We have to go and find the baby they said would be lying in a manger.

Aaron: I think our story has changed direction. This is much bigger than the census. Back to you Rebecca and Marcus.

Marcus: Thank you, Aaron. We will be back with more exciting news about the Savior's birth after this brief message. (Evening news music pipes in.)


Are you tired of cleaning up after your live stock? (Farmer standing and shaking his head yes.)
Well, here it is. It's the magic shovel! (Shows off shovel.)
Notice its metal scoop. (Points to the metal scoop.)
Now you won't loose any of that unwanted stuff that they produce. (Farmer takes old shovel [made of wood] and tosses it aside.)
It can be yours for a low price of 3 pieces of silver. (Farmer puts hands on face with a shocked look.)
Yes, only 3 pieces of silver, and do you know what else comes with your magic shovel? (Farmer shrugs shoulders as if he doesn't know.)
This magic bucket. (Model shows off the bucket.)
That way you can do twice the amount of work in less time. (Farmer puts hands on hips and shakes head yes.)
So let's go over it again. You get your magic shovel, and for no additional cost, the magic bucket. (Model shows the shovel and the bucket.)
All for the low, low price of 3 pieces of silver. (Farmer passes over 3 coins.)

(Music for the evening news comes back on.)

Rebecca: Good evening. We are following some amazing breaking news. Let's talk to our field reporter, Elizabeth of Arimathea. Elizabeth, where are you now?

Elizabeth: Good evening, Rebecca and Marcus, I am in Bethlehem, talking to some of the people that are trying to find rooms for the night. But I am on the look out for the sounds of a new baby. Sir, (one man is walking in from side door.) Can you tell me have you found a room for the night or do you own a house here in the city?

Man #1: Actually I own my own place just outside of town.

Elizabeth: Have you opened your house to some of the really desperate people arriving here in town.

Man #1: I would, but my whole extended family is here, and we just don't have any room for anyone else. My wife and I are sleeping on the floor for the next few days. I must be going; I have to go to the market and stock up on some food before we run out. I tell you, all of those people will eat you out of house and home. (Walks away.)

Elizabeth: Thank you sir for your time. (Under breath.) There's always an excuse. Here's another man. Excuse me. …excuse me sir, can you tell me if you have opened your home to anyone that has come into town tonight?

Man #2: What? I wouldn't let a mouse stay in my house, let alone any of those people. They expect you to feed them and their animals, and give them a bed with clean linens. I'm not a hotel. Let me guess, you and your camera crew are looking for a place to stay, too? Well, forget it. I only have a two room house here in town. I don't have room for any of you people. (Walks away.)

Elizabeth: Sir no, we are not looking for any..... Here is one more weary looking person. Sir, excuse me sir, I was wondering if you have time to talk to us.

Man#3: Why, yes I do.

Elizabeth: Thank you. Sir, have you found a room for the night?

Man#3: Why yes I have. I've been in town since yesterday. I expected that there would be this kind of turn out.

Elizabeth: Do you know if there are any rooms left at the place where you are staying?

Man #3: No, they've had no room since yesterday afternoon. I took their last room.

Elizabeth: Would you ever give your room up to someone else that really needed your room?

Man #3: No way. First come, first serve!

Elizabeth: I thank you sir. Well, (looks very surprised) no one seems to have any room. Oh, there's a couple off in the distance, let's see if they have found a place. (Mary and Joseph come from back of church.)

Song: O Little Town of Bethlehem.

Elizabeth: Excuse me sir. It looks like you have been traveling for quite a while. Have you found a place to sleep for tonight?

Joseph: No, we haven't. My wife is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and she needs to lie down. We have traveled quite a long distance from Nazareth. And… well, this donkey is quite old and very slow.

Elizabeth: No one would even help a pregnant lady?

Joseph: No, but we have one last inn to check, otherwise, we will be sleeping under the stars for tonight.

Elizabeth: I hope that doesn't happen. May God be with you!

Joseph: And also with you. (Walks away. Goes to door, and knocks.)

(Innkeeper answers door.)

Innkeeper: May I help you?

Joseph: Sir, we need a room for the night. My wife is pregnant, and she is about to give birth.

Innkeepers Wife: (From a distance.) Harold, you know that we are full up, don't you?

Innkeeper: I'm sorry, I don't have any rooms left. I would have given you my own bed, but I've already given that up.

Innkeepers Wife: (Yelling) Did you hear me?

Innkeeper: Yes dear, I heard you!

Joseph: (says defeated) Thank you sir. We'll be on our way. (Walks away.)

Innkeeper: (Going after Joseph.) Wait; there is one place that is left. It's not a very nice place, but it's dry and at least you're not out in the elements.

Joseph: Really? Where?

Innkeeper: It's the stable.

Mary: Joseph, it's fine. I really need to rest.

Joseph: Are you sure, Mary?

Mary: Yes, Joseph.

Innkeepers Wife: Harold, (coming to the door.) Where are you going?

Innkeeper: I'm showing this couple the one last space that we have left.

Wife: What?

Innkeeper: You know, the stable.

Wife: But, (looking at Mary.) she's pregnant. That's no place for a person to sleep in, let alone to give birth!

Mary: Madam, it's fine, really. I'm just really tired. As long as we can use some clean hay to lie on, we should be fine. I've packed some things to sleep on.

Wife: Oh, Harold. (pause) Well I do have some extra linens that I keep for emergencies, and do you know what else I am? (Very proud.) I'm a midwife, just in case you need me.

Mary: That is just wonderful, thank you. That takes a lot off of my mind.

Joseph: Thank you for you generosity. May God be with you this night.

Innkeeper: Let me show you where it is. (All go to stable, and comes back. Reporter stops innkeepers for an interview.)

Song: Once in Royal David's City. (Preschool children dressed as animals join the manager scene.)

Elizabeth: Excuse me; I'm Elizabeth of Arimathea from the Channel 7 evening news. It is wonderful that you gave that couple a place to stay, even if it is a stable.

Innkeeper: I hated to see that young girl sleeping outside, seeing that she is at the end of her pregnancy.

Wife: (Very proudly.) And I'm going to be her midwife if she needs one.

Elizabeth: Well, both of you are true servants of God. This is Elizabeth of Arimathea reporting, back to you.

(Innkeepers leave bottom door.)

Rebecca: That was a wonderful report. It is true that some people are not willing to give up their space and help someone that is in need.

Marcus: That's right Rebecca. Their hearts are not big enough to see what others need of them.

Rebecca: For those of you who are joining our broadcast, we are following a breaking story that is happening in Bethlehem tonight. Aaron of Damascus, one of our reporters was out in the fields talking to some of the shepherds, and something miraculous has happened. Angels from heaven appeared in the sky, announcing the foretold birth of the Messiah. (Turning to Marcus.) Marcus, when was the last time that you had actually seen an angel? This is ground breaking news!

Marcus: That's right, Rebecca. But for a moment let us go to our correspondent Haggai of Bethel. He has been looking at the scriptural aspect of this event. Haggai.

Haggai of Bethel: Good evening. I have started to do some research on the coming of the Messiah, and I have found some extraordinary findings. For instance, from the book of Micah it says, 'Bethlehem, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.'

Rebecca: That's pretty amazing. Do you know of any other scripture that will support that this child is the Christ child?

Haggai: Yes, but in Deuteronomy, Moses was telling the Israelites that 'the Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers. You must listen to him.

Marcus: So you think that by what this scripture is saying that the child will be a prophet?

Haggai: If you believe in the scripture, then yes, this child is the one that we have been waiting for. He is the Messiah!

Rebecca: Let's go back to Aaron and find out what is happening with the shepherds. Aaron?

Aaron: Well, Rebecca and Marcus, the shepherds are on their way to Bethlehem. We are just entering the city now.

Shepherd 5: (to the rest of the shepherds.) Let's start asking everyone you see if they know of a baby being born tonight in a stable.

Aaron: They seem to have a plan. They are trying to find out where the Messiah is.

(Shepherds ask appointed audience members. Shepherd 6 knocks on the door of the inn.)

Shepherd 6: Sir, I hate to ask, but can you tell me if there is a couple expecting a child, perhaps staying in your stable?

Innkeeper: Why, it's funny that you ask. There is. They said that they are from Nazareth. She said that the baby was coming. Why would you want to know?

Shepherd 6: That's very exciting news, sir. We have been told by angels that the Messiah would be born tonight. They said that we would find the baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.

Innkeeper: WHAT?? (Very excited.) I'll take you to them. My wife is out at the stable helping the young lady now. Let's hurry and see.

Shepherd 5: Everyone, I think we have found the baby. Follow that innkeeper.

Rebecca: We have to break for a few short commercials, but we will be back right after these messages. (Evening news music pipes in. During commercials Mary and Joseph leave the stage area.)


Are you tired of your sacrifices getting away from you before you reach the temple?
(Crazy Al is standing beside a person with their hands on hips shaking head yes.)
Then come to Crazy Al's. (Al gestures to follow him.) I have everything you need to make your sacrifices mean everything. (Showing his selection.)
I have the first born of everything you need. (Holds up stuffed lamb.)
Why bring them to the temple, when you can just get them at the temple.
Just remember, if it's not from Crazy Al's, it's not clean enough. (Al is standing in front of audience gesturing; during 'not clean enough' shakes pointed finger to audience.)

Commercial #2: (Sung to the tune of While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night.)

While shepherds washed their socks by night.
All gathered round the lake.
They found a rock to beat them on,
And they were clean again.

They use a soap, that's mild and pure,
Just like the sheep they keep.
If you want your socks white and clean
Be sure to use Star Beam.

(During the commercial, the shepherds have big wool socks that they are holding. During 'found a rock to beat them on' they turn their backs to the audience and beat the socks on the floor.)

(Evening news music pipes back in.)

Marcus: Who lets these crazy commercials on the air? Oh! (Startled.)Welcome back to the channel 7 evening news. Let's go to our correspondent Elizabeth of Bethlehem.

Elizabeth: Good evening, I am here in Bethlehem reporting on the birth of the foretold Messiah. I have just been joined by my fellow reporter, Aaron of Damascus. Aaron, how did you know that the Christ child was born tonight?

Aaron: I was there when the angels told the shepherds that the baby was going to born tonight.

Elizabeth: You mean, that couple that I interviewed, the one that was pregnant, is she having the Christ child?

Aaron: Yes, Elizabeth, I believe that she is the one. The shepherds seem to think so as well. Let's go and see.

(Innkeeper shows the shepherds and the reporters to the stable.)

Aaron: Can you believe what has happened tonight!

(All actors gather around Mary and Joseph looking at the baby.)

Music: Away in a manger.

Elizabeth: Let's go and talk to the innkeeper again. I'm sorry sir, but can I bother you again. How do you feel now that you know that the Christ child was born in your stable?

Innkeeper: I'm really amazed. I would have never thought that the foretold Savior of the world would have been born in my stable. If I only had known. I would have given them a room at the inn, not the stable.

Elizabeth: But sir, at least you gave them a place to stay.

Rebecca: Excuse me, Elizabeth, we're being told that our international correspondent, Abigail of Babylon, is on line.

Abigail: Good evening. I am here with 3 Magi that are coming from the east. Excuse me sir, why are you traveling from the east?

Magi#1: We are looking for the one who has been born kng of the Jews.

Abigail: My sources have told me that you have gone to King Herod and you've asked him where to find the one who was born "King of the Jews."

Magi 1: Yes, we have. But he looked disturbed by our asking.

Abigail: Really? Then what happened?

Magi 2: He called all of the teachers and elders of the law and asked them where the Christ was to be born?

Magi 3: They told him that the Christ was to be born in Bethlehem, just as the prophet had written.

Abigail: So King Herod has sent you to Bethlehem.

Magi 3: Yes, he has.

Magi 2: He wants us to return to him when we find the child so he can go and worship too.

Abigail: How are you going to find the new king?

Magi 1: We are following a bright star that has appeared to us.

Abigail: How do you know that the star will lead you to the new king?

Magi 2: We have been studying the sacred writings. We are seekers of God. Because of our prayers and wholehearted seeking, the God of heaven has decided to lead us by this star.

Abigail: What are you going to do when you find the baby?

Magi 3: We are going to worship him and bring him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Abigail: That's amazing. Well, you've heard it here first.

Marcus: Haggai, can you tell us where you are now?

Abigail: We are actually entering into Bethlehem now. I can't wait to see this new born king.

Rebecca: In a few moments Abigail will join her fellow reporters at the stable where the Christ child has been born.

Aaron: Good evening, Abigail.

Abigail: Good evening, Aaron and Elizabeth. (Pause.) We are here at the stable, where the Christ child was born. Let's go inside. (The magi go in. The manger scene is now done. Everyone takes their places.) Marcus, Rebecca, it is the most remarkable thing I have ever seen in my life.

Music: The First Noel.

(Everyone is in place; the Magi give their gifts during vs. 5 of the song.)

Rebecca: It is amazing what God can do! From creating all of us, to sending His only Son to be the Savior of the whole world. I do wonder what God has in store for the Messiah?

Marcus: I'm sure that His life will be a great one. There will be many places built for Him. He will have a life of luxury for sure.

Rebecca: Marcus, I don't know about that! Why would God let him be born in a stable with the animals standing by? Why did the shepherds know first? If He was supposed to have a life of luxury, wouldn't he have been born in a palace?

Marcus: You over think things, Rebecca. He is the King of the Jews. What could happen?

Rebecca: From all of us at the channel 7 evening news, thank you for watching. Good night everyone. (Music pipes in.).

Music: Joy to the world


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