Box of Joy

By Vijay Shanker


A simple script with three songs, teaching values. Suitable for young children.


Old woman
Children dressed as fairytale characters


(A rattling sound in the background. Soon a strange looking pushcart enters, pushed by an Old Lady dressed in a topcoat, top hat. On the cart sits a large wooden box. She stops, lets out a deep sigh, takes out a handkerchief and wipes her brow.
She surveys her surroundings then lifts the box and places it on the ground in front of her. On the box is written in bold cheerful colorful letters   BOX OF JOY. She blows a musical horn … soon a whole lot of kids surround her.)
Old Lady: I am going to teach you a song …. Let’s sing together .. and dance …shall we.. ???
I may live in an big house
Or in a castle by the sea
Chorus: By the sea
My home may be hut
Or in a jungle tree
Chorus: A jungle tree
Oh it doesn't matter where
Or what my house may be
As long as there is love there
It's a home for me
Chorus: As long as there is love there
It's a home for me
Repeat: As long as there is love there
It's a home for me
OLD LADY: “And now dear friends… I’m going to serve you some delightful WORDS … from some wonderful people”
(Suddenly from behind the box kids start appearing … one by one. They are dressed in fancy costumes.)
Cinderella: (Carrying a large heart) “ I want to tell you something about LOVE:  A heart that loves … is always young. ”
Red Riding Hood: (She’s carrying a placard in RED & White which says COURAGE): “I want to tell you about COURAGE … It takes a lot of courage to to be good !”
Spiderman: (He carries a placard I FIGHT EVIL) :  “ What is EVIL? Not caring for this wonderful world is truly EVIL ”
RICHIE RICH: ($ sign on his Shirt) I am Rich .. BUT .. It is FUN ONLY when you SHARE your Money with your friends”
Dennis: (He wears a badge saying “TRUTH”:  “Always tell the TRUTH .. then you don’t have to remember anything!!! ”
Snow White: Dressed in angelic garb holds up a Banner “FRIENDS”:  “ A single rose can make a garden … a single FRIEND can make your world.”
Santa Claus: (with a reindeer and a large sack, word on sack “KINDNESS”) “Where ever there is a human … there is an opportunity for kindness”
A smiling village girl: (looks poorly dressed, carries) : “ Because of your smile ….you make life more beautiful ”
(All the characters disappear: SILENCE)
The OLD LADY: “ Darlings … it is time to sing … and dance …. This is the Move Move Move Song
(Old Lady begins to dance and the children dance with her)
With my body I can do many things
Like touch and hear and see
Yet out of all the things my favorite thing may be
To move move move
Watch me as I groove
I can hop I can dance
I can twirl around,
I can jump up and fall back down
Move move move
Get up and I will prove
How much fun it can be
to dance and hop
Around like me
Just move move move
Dance around the room
Wave your arms and wiggle your toes
Shake your head and wrinkle your nose
Move move move 
By moving you can't lose
For what your body needs
Is to move move move
OLD LADY (looking quite exhausted. There is a lot of fussing, where the children are giving her drinks and fanning her …)
A small child’s VOICE: “ Granny … please can we sing another song ??”
(OLD LADY looking suddenly energized !!!… is up and on her toes again….)
Old Lady: “Sing and dance WE MUST my little darlings … for this is the beauty of life!”
I like to dance, dance, dance,
All around the room.
Dance, dance, dance,
No matter what the tune.
Play some
Hindi songs or Rehman Pop
This is so much fun I'll never stop.
CHORUS: There is so much fun I’ll never stop!
Bhajans, Rock, and Techno too
I can't stop what will I do?
Chorus: I can’t stop, what will I do?
Disco, Rap, and everything
I'm gaining so much energy
Chorus: I am gaining so much energy
So I'll dance across the floor
CHORUS: And dance across the floor
Old Lady alone: And dance myself right out the door.
(Old lady and troupe exit.)