The Holy Clue

 By Mike Orlowski


A short skit for children, teaching them that Holy is a word used only to describe God Himself.


A full Batman and Robin costume.(Not as difficult as it seems. Use your imagination and use stuff you have around the house)
A large letter "h" cut out of a piece of poster board with holes cut into it and the words "Be Holy for I am Holy" written on it. Put some double sided tape on the back or some sticky tack to apply it to the wall at the end of the skit.




(Batman and Robin theme plays as the dynamic duo enter one behind the other and hunched over as if they are trying to be inconspicuous. Robin is not watching where he is going and bumps into Batman.

Batman: (putting his finger to his lips) be careful, Robin! We don't want to draw attention to ourselves! Remember, this is a secret mission!

Robin: (rubbing his head) Holy headache, Batman! You've got a hard...

Batman: (interrupts Robin) never mind that Robin. We've got to find what we've come to get!

Robin: What's that, Batman?

Batman: You'll know when you see it!

Robin: (spots a letter on the floor and picks it up) Holy swiss cheese, Batman! Look at this letter! (hold letter "H" up. It is full of holes)

Batman: Put that down, Robin. It could be some kind of a trap!

Robin: (quickly releases the letter as if it were a bomb) Holy hand grenade, Batman! Is this one of the Riddler's diabolical schemes?

Batman: Quite possible, Robin. You never know what the mind of an evil criminal can do! (bends over to look more closely at the letter. Robin joins him)

Robin: Look Batman! There's a clue on the back!

Batman: hmm. Be Holy for I am Holy.

Robin: What kind scheme is that Riddler up to?

Batman: I don't think this is a scheme, Robin, but, I do think this is the clue we have been looking for.

Robin: A clue for what, Batman?

Batman: For what we need to tell these young people here.

Robin: (looks bewildered) What, Batman?

Batman: Well, the answer becomes clear when we know who the author is.

Robin: The Riddler? What is he up to?

Batman: Not the Riddler, Robin. It's obvious that this was written to us by some one much more powerful than the Riddler!

Robin: Why, that no good Joker! I'll bet he's laughing at us right now!

Batman: Not the Joker, Robin. This was written to us by God himself!

Robin: Holy heavenly being, Batman!

Batman: Exactly, Robin. The one and only Holy one. The God who is so perfect that there is no evil in him! Jehovah!

Robin: Holy revelation, Batman! Do you think that's what this letter "h" is for? (picks up letter)

Batman: Very likely, Robin. I think it may be a reminder to us that the word Holy is a special word, only meant to describe the "Holy one".

Robin: Maybe I shouldn't be using it so loosely.

Batman: That's a good idea, Robin we don't want to upset the one who wrote this.

Robin: You mean...Ho...oops, sorry!

Batman: Let's go, Robin! The bat signal! There's another criminal at large in Gotham city! (they both run off)

(Robins runs back and puts the letter up on the wall and runs off)

Robin: Probably the evil penguin at work again!


© Mike Orlowski 1999
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged.
In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed.
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