Bring It On!

A musical by Raymond J. Lombardi

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A musical about school bullying, and being victorious against tough obstacles.




SCENE 1: Ronny’s Tough Day

Choir Sings Theme Song: Bring It On

Bring It On!

Words and Music by Raymond J. Lombardi

Bring it on!
Bring it on!
Come on, we’re ready to fight!
We’re lookin’ for the battle
Ready for the war
Gonna face the Prince of the Night
Bring it on!
Bring it on!
Our captain will lead the way
He’s a mighty warrior
A faithful friend
It’s gonna be His day!
We are more than conquerors
Because we trust in the Lord
Hope is all the shield we need
And God’s Word is our sword
With faith in God to guide us
and righteousness our call
We’ll stand against the enemy
He will not let us fall!
If God’s the one who’s for us
Who can think to stand against us
Nations tremble in their fear
When they know that God is near!
With his might and strength before us
And his awesome pow’r within us
We will conquer every earthly foe
Send the enemy below!

Narrator: Just about every adult I know remembers who the neighborhood bully was growing up. It was usually a boy, somewhere between the ages of 8 and 18, who just had to make life miserable for everyone around him. In just a few minutes we’re going to meet one of the victims of the local school bully. His name is Ronny, and Ronny’s just a little upset with his last encounter with the school bully. What makes it even worse is that the bully is using Ronny’s faith in God as something else to pick on. Fortunately for Ronny he has some friends who attend Sunday School with him, and more importantly, a God who is on HIS side. As we encounter Ronny we find him sitting at the Sunday School table, waiting for the others to get there.

(Scene Blocking. This action takes place while the Narrator speaks the lines above) Ronny is sitting all by himself in a Sunday School room at a table, waiting for the others to arrive. He takes off his baseball cap, takes a pack of cards out of his pocket, and puts the cap upside down in the center of the table. Then he begins to flick the cards one by one into the baseball cap. After a few cards, Skip, Gina, Gary, Ann and Brittany come into the room together, laughing and joking until they see Ronny, who is looking very despondent (unhappy!) and depressed. Everybody greets Ronny with a hey, Ronnie or Ronny, wasup?)

Brittany: What’s the matter Ronny, you look like you just crashed your dirt bike into a brick wall!

Ronny: If it were only that simple...

Gary: It must be really bad if it’s worse than crashing his dirt bike!

Skip: Yeah, remember the last time he crashed? I’m still finding parts of that bike out on the trail.

Gina: Come on, tell us Ronny! That’s what friends are for!

Ronny: Yeah, I just wish you guys all went to my school, then MAYBE I might have friends. You don’t want to mess the kids in my school. They’ll eat you alive!

Skip: Just let me at ‘um! I’ll teach ‘um a thing or two about how to treat others!

Ronny: Not so fast, Skip. You’ve never met Kevin Brogan, or anyone even LIKE Kevin Brogan. If there was a medal for being nasty, he’d take the gold.

Brittany: So what did he do to you? Or, did you do something to him, like tattle on him or somethin’?

Ronny: I didn’t do ANYTHING to him! He’s just pickin’ on me because...

Gary: Yeah ... go on, tell us!

Ronny: All right, all right! He’s pickin’ on me because I told Coach Clark at school I couldn’t go to the baseball tournament Saturday because we have practice at Church for the Easter pageant, and you know I’m playin’ the part of Pilot, so I have to be there. Any way, that’s what my parents said. So he got all the other team members together and started ripping on me and mocking me out. It was SO humiliating!

Ann: So basically, they said you were a WUSS?

Ronny: Basically...

Skip: And you’re just gonna roll over and prove them right?

Ronny: Well... YES! What else am I supposed to do?

Gary: I can’t believe it! Didn’t you learn anything this year in our Sunday School class with Mrs. Kenshall?

Ronny: ‘What do you mean?

Ann: I know what he means! He means that we learned how to deal with people like Kevin Brogan by seeing what happened to people in the Bible! Don’t you remember, a couple months ago, we learned the story of Jericho. Come on, guys, let’s refresh his memory!

Choir sings Breakin’ Down the Walls

(Make up wall blocks for the walls of Jericho out of small cardboard boxes, like shoe boxes. Make sure there’s enough to make a wall across the top of the table that’s about the height of the children. Paint the boxes so that they look like stones from the wall. As the introduction begins, the cast puts the blocks on the table and forms a wall. One child (not one of the lead cast members) plays God Have him/her put on a shirt with G O D spelled out in big letters on the front and back. He stands to the side of the wall. The cast members get behind the wall and play the people of Jericho, and several of the choir members break off and form a line that will circle the table as the people of Israel. During the first verse of the song God shakes his finger at the people of Jericho, and they just ignore God and wave Him off. They can mimick the words as they are being sung. Meanwhile, the Israelites begin circling the table... during the second verse the people of Jericho make like they’re mocking out the Israelites, and the Israelities keep marching. Finally, at the end of the second verse, God comes over and knocks down the wall. The people of Jericho (cast members) fall over and play dead, while the Israelites jump up and down, congratulate each other, etc. On the last chorus everyone stands back up and joins in the song...)

Breakin’ Down the Walls

Words and Music by Raymond J. Lombardi

The people of Jericho were proud as they could be
They were stubborn and rebellious
When they were told to flee
For God had claimed the city to give to the Israelites
But they just laughed and taunted and said Bring on the fights!
God’s people were persistent
And kept marchin’ all day long
They endured the mocking laughter
of the jeering godless throng
When seven days had gone by God showed them just who’s boss
he turned their walls to rubble
a great and total loss!
Breakin’ down the walls of Jericho
They fell at God’s command
Breakin’ down the walls of Jericho
Not a soldier raised his hand
For God would teach his chosen ones
What a little faith could do
Breakin’ down the walls of Jericho
‘Cause God is always lookin’ out for you
So when you face a wall that you just cannot get around
Remember Jericho and how the walls came tumbling down

(Scene Blocking
At the end of the song, the kids put the wall blocks away and come back to the table.)

Gina: I remember another story from the Bible that Mrs. Kenshall taught us. It was somethin’ about trumpets and pots and pans...

Anna: Not pots and pans, Gina, just clay pots. It’s the story of Gideon.

Skip: I don’t remember that one, Anna. What’s it all about?

Anna: Well there was this huge army that was gettin’ ready to attack the Israelites. Why, there were so many of them that you couldn’t even count ‘um! And they were going to pounce on the Israelites and squash ‘um like a bug!

Gary: Cool!

Gina: (to Gary) Shush!

Anna: Anyway, God picks Gideon to lead the battle against the enemy, but He only lets Gideon use 300 guys!

Gary: That’s not fair!

Brittany: Yeah, what’s the deal with that?

Anna: Just listen! You see, God wanted to show Gideon that no matter how many there were of the enemy, they would never win if God was on his side. And Gideon and his men did win, big time! They didn’t even have to use any weapons! All they did was blow their trumpets, break the clay jars, and shine their torches. They enemy got so confused, they started killing each other!

Ronny: OK, but I still don’t get it... what’s this got to do with me?

Gary: I think I get it. Ronny, if God’s on your side, then no matter how many enemies there are, you’ll always be in the majority.

Skip: What in the world is a majority? Is that some kind of army tank?

Gary: No, of course not. It just means that you’ll never be outnumbered if God is on your side!

Choir sings: God and Me is a Majority

God and Me is a Majority

Words and Music by Raymond J. Lombardi

With God and me, it's a majority
We can conquer any foe
With God and me, it's a majority
It's the only way to go
When it seems you're outnumbered
and you're feeling kinda small
Remember with God you can overcome it all
With God and me it's a majority of two!
With God and me it's a majority
It's a combination punch
With God and me it's a majority
We'll have the enemy for lunch!
Just hold on tight and follow
Whereever He may go
I'll share a little secret, the enemy won't know
With God and me it's a majority of two!
With God and me it's a majority
It's a team that cannot lose
With God and me it's a majority
Print it on the front page news
God has claimed the victory
and it's ours as well
If we trust completely
And we should shout and tell
That God and me is a majority of two
Yes God and me is a majority of two
God and me is a majority of two.
God and me, a majority
God and me spells victory
God and me, a majority
It's the winningest team I know!

Skip: You guys are forgetting one of the best stories we heard. Remember the story of David and Goliath. If there was ever a king bully, it was Goliath.

Gary: He was one bad dude

Gina: And he was probably rude to his parents.

Anna: Rude? He probably ate his parents for a snack!

Ronny: But Kevin Brogan is only three inches taller than me. I don’t think I can compare him to Goliath. Anyway, Kevin is strong, he’s smart, and even the girls think he’s cute, all though I don’t get that one at all. Kevin’s got it all. He’s like, invincible!

Skip: I bet all the Israelites thought Goliath was invincible, too. But he wasn’t. He had one great big weakness.

Anna: And what was that?

Skip: Why, he was soft in the head! (music begins)

Choir sings: Soft in the Head

(During this song Goliath and David playact the story. Goliath should be a very tall boy, or an adult would be great! The taller, the better. David should be a small boy, the smaller the better! Goliath will need a sword and shield, and David will need a slingshot. (I think leaving the stone out would be a wise move unless you want a real accident on your hands!) When the song begins, Goliath comes out on stage, and lip syncs the lines that are heard at the beginning of the song. Here are the lines that Goliath says:

Ha, ha, ha ha ha... Where are those cowardly Israelites? Come on, who’s man enough to fight me? Send me your biggest soldier ‘cause I’m hungry and I need something for lunch! Ha, ha, ha, ha ha!

During the first and second stanzas of the song Goliath paces back and forth across the stage, taunting the audience as if they were the Israelites. He shows off his muscles, makes faces, etc. The more antics he can do, the better. Make something funny up!

During the second verse, David comes out and starts eyeing up Goliath, looking for stones, practicing his shot. During the third verse David picks up a stone, puts it in the sling and sends it sailing toward Goliath. Goliath of course gets hits, and makes a dramatic fall to the stage as he dies. David goes over, grabs the sword out of Goliath’s hand, and pretends (don’t forget, pretend is the operative word here) to chop off Goliath’s head. Of course, you can leave that part out if it seems too gory!)

Soft in the Head

Words and Music by Raymond J. Lombardi

He was mean, he was lean
He was a fighting machine
He was rough he was tough
And he couldn't get enough
of fightin'
of fightin'


But there was one thing that he couldn't hide
We discovered it on the day he died
He was soft in the head
He was soft in the head
He was soft in the head
He was soft in the head

2nd verse

He was big he was tall
He could scale the highest wall
He was strong He was wrong
He could scare you all day long

3rd verse

David found one smooth stone
and aimed it right at the bone
in his head
in his head
It found the mark on his face
and left hole in its place
in his head
in his head
'cause there was... (chorus)

(Following the song, Goliath and David take a bow and then exit the stage. The talk resumes between the friends.)

Ronny: You know, even though Goliath was a pretty bad dude, there’s one thing reason why I’d rather face him than Kevin Brogan.

Gina: You’ve got to be kidding. How could Kevin be worse than Goliath?

Ronny: Well, at least Goliath went face-to-face with David. Kevin’s always trying to stab kids in the back, if you know what I mean. Just last week Kevin came to me and asked what I was doing for my Science Fair project. I thought he was tryin’ to be friendly for a change, so I told him about this great idea I had for a wind tunnel. Anyway, later that afternoon, when our science teacher, Mr. Nibbons, asked us what we chose to do, Kevin jumped in and gave him MY idea! So I ended up having to choose something else. What a thief! He just doesn’t play fair!

Anna: This Brogan kid sounds pretty nasty. . . and it seems like this is just the kind of thing that happened to Daniel.

Ronny: You mean Daniel Sumter? He’s not even in my science class this year!

Anna: Not Daniel Sumter, Daniel in the Bible! Don’t you remember how the wicked advisors to the king kept trying to find something wrong with Daniel, and they couldn’t. So they made a rule that no one could pray to any God for thirty days, because they knew that Daniel prayed to God every single day. They did it just to trap him and get rid of him. The punishment was that you would be thrown into a den of hungry lions.

Skip: Man, it can’t get any worse than that! Those advisors to the king were really nasty!

Ronny: Is that what happened to Daniel? Did he get thrown into the lion’s den?

Anna: Well, he did, but... the lions turned out to be more like ... big kittens!

Choir Sings: A Lion’s Just A Cat

A Lion’s Just A Cat

Words and Music by Raymond J. Lombardi

Daniel was a man who prayed every day
When they changed the law, he prayed anyway
So they came and took him
And sentenced him to die
The wicked men of Babylon told him good bye
Into a lion’s den Daniel was cast
Daniel knew that he would never last
But God remembered Daniel and stopped the lions cold
Daniel wouldn’t die before he grew quite old!
For God can do anything, anything, anything
God can do anything, anything at all
He may be king of the jungle but a lion’s just a cat
God is King of the Universe and that is that!
For God can do anything, anything at all
Daniel sat right down with the lions that night
Daniel knew that God had taken his fright
And gave him lots of courage
So Daniel had no fear
Daniel knew that God was very near
When the wicked men returned they found
That the lion’s mouths had all been bound
And so the king ordered the wicked men to die
The lions had a feast of Satrap pie!

Ronny: Wow! You know, you guys are right. I keep forgetting that God IS always with me! If David could stand up to Goliath, and Gideon could face a whole army with just 300 men, and Daniel could face the lions, I can certainly face Kevin Brogran! As a matter-of-fact, I remember another story from the Bible that Mrs. Kenshall taught us... do you guys remember when Jesus went into the desert, for like a month and a half? (Music begins as the character of Jesus comes out to center stage... Jesus is hot, tired, sweaty, hungry and just plain weary...) Mrs. Kenshall said that the devil himself tried to snooker Jesus! Three times! Mrs. Kenshall said that all Jesus had to do was quote God’s Word and the devil fled like a jackrabbit chased by a hound dog! I can picture the scene as if it were right here in the room with us...

Duet: Three Strikes Your Out! (Jesus and Satan)

The Temptation Rap

Words and Music by Raymond J. Lombardi


I was walkin’ in the desert for forty days
and wanderin’ like I was in a maze
I was tired, I was hungry I was feelin’ weak
When the devil came and found me
did his devil speak


Are you hungry Jesus? was his first little dig
Can I fix you a snack from a wild pig?
Would you like a little bread?
Would you like a little jam?
Would you like a little sandwich of cheese and ham?


Man does not live by bread alone
Man does not live by bread alone
Man does not live by bread alone
But by the Word of God
But by the Word of God


I left ole’ Satan climbed a long steep hill
And when I got there I could feel the chill
Of an evil wind blowin’ in from the east
The devil was there, what an ugly beast!


Look around you, Jesus, do you like what you see?
You can have this, if you worship me
All of these kingdoms and every town
will all be yours if you just bow down!


Worship only the Lord your God
Worship only the Lord your God
Worship only the Lord your God
Serve him only, serve the Lord
Serve him only, serve the Lord


So I went to the temple peak and stood
From there I could see every neighborhood
I was thinkin’ how much the devil would like
if I tripped off the roof right onto a spike!


Jump, I said, are you afraid a’ heights
Don’t you know those angels got you in their sights?
I think they’ll catch you if you fall
Why don’t you try it and prove it all?


Do not put the Lord to the test
Do not put the Lord to the test
Do not put the Lord to the test
But obey Him at his Word
Yes obey Him at his Word


I thanked my Father and then I left
We stopped ole’ Satan from his royal theft
He cannot do a thing, He cannot take me down
When I rise from the dead
I will bring Him down!


Worship only the Lord your God
Worship only the Lord your God
Worship only the Lord your God
Serve him only, serve the Lord
Serve him only, serve the Lord

SCENE 2: Ronny’s V-Day (the following Sunday)

Narrator: What a difference a week has made in Ronny’s life! Why, just last week he was dejected, defeated, and ready to just plain give up. Oh, I almost forgot. Mrs. Kenshall finally showed up for Sunday School last week. Apparently had some car trouble, and had to walk the last five blocks to get to church. But when she got there, she was amazed to find all the students in her class were as good as gold and as well-behaved as you could expect from church-goin’ kids. The kids were all excited about telling Mrs. Kenshall what was going on with Ronny, and how they had used the stories she had taught them to help Ronny understand how to be victorious against the enemy. You can see from the look on Ronny’s face (Ronny comes back to the table, smiling, happy this time) that he’s had a great week... let’s look on and see what happened!

(Scene blocking
Ronny’s at the table when the other kids enter... They are all laughing, joking, etc., as they come in. They crowd around Ronny...)

Anna: Hey, Ronny, what’s up?

Skip: How’s Kevin Brogan? Anything you want to tell us?

Gary: Yeah, what happened? Come on we’re all dying to know!

Ronny: OK, OK! Chill out, you guys! So this is what happened... I get to school Monday, and there’s Kevin Brogan on the playground. I could see he was just waiting for me to walk by and start in with his nasty comments. What he DIDN’T see was Coach Clark standing right behind him. So first I said a little prayer, and then I went right up to Kevin Brogan and looked him in the eye. I just stood there while Kevin started right in on me. When he was finally done telling me off, Coach Clark taps him on the shoulder. Kevin got this kinda sick look on his face when he realized what he had done. Coach Clark suspended Kevin for the rest of the season, and then told me that they had moved up the baseball tournament to Friday! So now I can be in the baseball tournament and still be Pilot for the church pageant! And the great thing is, all I had to do was face him... God did the rest!

Brittany: Sounds like you learned a lot in Sunday School last week, Ronny

Gina: I think we all learned a lot ... especially about how God is always right there for us when we need Him, and how He has already won the victory against the enemy. All we have to do is claim that victory!


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