M&M's Bed & Breakfast

by Glenn A. Hascall


A modern day look at the lives of Mary and Martha, set in a quaint bed and breakfast establishment in the 21st century.




Scene 1

(SETTING: A bed and breakfast establishment. Mary is sitting at a desk reading her Bible. The phone rings, but she is so engrossed in what she is reading that she fails to notice. Martha comes in and looks at her younger sister and with great disgust picks up the phone.)

MARTHA: M & M's B & B, Martha speaking (Listens) Oh, I am sorry... that stands for Martha and Mary's Bed & Breakfast. (Pause) Yes I supposed it does sound like a candy covered chocolate projectile. (Pause and not very
enthusiastic) Yes, sir that is pretty funny. (Pause as she reaches for a pen) And your fax number? (Scribbles) Very good, sir. I'll send our rates over right away... and thank you for calling Martha & Mary's. (Pause) Yes, good-bye. (Hangs up the phone and looks at Mary) What is wrong with you? I thought we agreed that if the phone rang more than twice the person
closest to the phone would pick it up. I can't do everything around here.

MARY: I'm so sorry, Martha. I was just reading about how Jesus took five loaves and two fish and fed 5,000... and that was just the men. It didn't take into account the women and children. In the end there were twelve baskets of food left over. (Looks serenely at Martha who looks anything but serene) Isn't that awesome?

MARTHA: (Picks up a stack of towels) What would be awesome is if you would make sure the bathrooms are restocked with towels. And make sure the flowers in the sitting room are replaced with some Iris blooms from the garden.

MARY: (Sweetly) You got it Sis. (Grabs the towels and walks off stage).

(Martha looks over a ledger and talks to herself)

MARTHA: The Foley's and Garrett's will be showing up later today.... (Flips page) The Carlson's and Petersen's will be showing up tomorrow. (Still looks at the ledger) This place should be called Martha's Bed and Breakfast with the little help I get from my sister. I wash the towels... I clean the rooms ... I cook the breakfast ... I mow the lawn and what does she do? Read the Bible! (Phone rings) M & M's B & B, Martha speaking (Pause) No this IS Martha and Mary's (Pause - slightly annoyed) No we don't sell ammunition, although that was pretty funny, sir. (Pause as she looks at the ledger) Yes, it appears that we do have one room available on that date. (Pause) And what name should be on that reservation? (Pause) Very good, we'll see you next Friday. Thank you for calling Martha and Mary's. (Hangs up the phone).

(MARY walks back in with the towels still in her hands - Martha is still looking at the ledger)

MARY: Martha, have ever stopped to really think about everything God does to take care of us?

MARTHA: Hmm? (Looks up and scowls) I ask you to do one thing - put the towels in the bathrooms and you won't even do that.

MARY: But I will Martha. I was just on the way up to the Autumn room when I was overwhelmed by what God does for us.

MARTHA: Maybe you could get Him to put these away for you. (Grabs the towels and walks off stage).

MARY: (Calling after her sister) I'm sorry Martha. It's just that I... Aww, why do I always do that? Seems like I can never do thing the way Martha wants them done. (Phone rings) M&M's B&B, Mary speaking. (Pause, then chuckles) I guess it does sound like some kind of bizarre candy store. Yes, Ma'am, we can provide wake-up calls as early as 5:00 am. My sister is very good about that. (Pause) Yes, breakfast is available by 6:00 am. (Pause as Martha walks back on stage empty handed) Well it was very nice talking to you too. Thank you for calling Martha and Mary's. Bye-bye. (Hangs up the

MARTHA: Who was that?

MARY: (Smiles warmly) Oh, it was the nicest lady asking about wake-up calls and breakfast times.

MARTHA: (Impatient) Yes, yes, but who was it?

MARY: (Slightly embarrassed) Oh, I guess I forgot to ask.

MARTHA: Mary! How are we supposed to book our rooms if you won't even get the name of the person? Do you even know when they're coming?

MARY: (Quiet) No, I guess I don't? (Phone Rings - Mary reaches for it)

MARTHA: (To Mary) I'll get that. (Picks up phone, not too pleasant, as Mary goes back to reading her Bible) M&M's B&B. Martha speaking. (Pause) Excuse me? (Pause) Let me check. (Looks at the ledger) Yes, we have that date
available. Yes, Ma'am we are very prompt about that. (Pause - then smiles) Oh, our reputation precedes us. (Pause) And what name will be on the reservation? (Pause) Very good. (Pause) What? (Pause) Yes, she's right here, and - no we don't have a choice between plain and nutty rooms, but thanks for asking. (Covers the receiver and speaks to Mary) She wants to speak with you. (Mary acts as if she has not heard her sister) MARY!

MARY: (Startled) What?

MARTHA: (surprised) The phone is for you.

MARY: Oh, thank you, Martha. (Holds the phone up to her ear) Hello, this is Mary. (Pause) Why thank you, it was nice speaking with you a moment ago. I look forward to meeting you. (Pause, looks furtively at Martha and turns her face away and speaks in a stage whisper) No, she's really very nice; she just wants everything to be right for our guests. I'm sure you understand. (Pause as Martha overhears what is just said) Yes, well, thank you for choosing Martha and Mary's. (Hangs up the phone)

MARTHA: (Looks hurt but remains silent as she dusts the surface of anything close by) Well, I... (Pause) There is something I need to do in the... (Stops and suddenly bursts into tears and runs from the stage).

MARY: (Concerned) Martha... (Runs after Martha)

Scene 2

(Martha sits in a chair dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief as Mary walks quietly into the room and sits beside her, puts  her arms around her and hold her as she cries.)

MARTHA: Am I really that bad?

MARY: What do you mean?

MARTHA: You know, overbearing and bossy.

MARY: Yes - you are.

MARTHA: Just like that. You couldn't soften the blow a little?

MARY: (Smiles) Oh, Martha, you've always been this way. Remember at my graduation, you must have pinned and repinned my cap a half dozen times until you were happy with it.

MARTHA: I just wanted it to look right.

MARY: Then there was the time Grandpa and Grandma came to see our little bed and breakfast and you changed the sheets three times because you weren't sure they were the right shade of magenta.

MARTHA: You can never be to careful.

MARY: Or that time when...

MARTHA: (Interrupts) OK, already, I think I get the picture.

MARY: Sorry.

(They smile and sit silently for a moment)

MARTHA: I just don't understand how you can sit and read your Bible with so much to be done.

MARY: Does it really bother you?

MARTHA: It shouldn't, I guess. I love Jesus too, you know.

MARY: Yes, I know.

MARTHA: There's just so much to be done, it's hard to find time to do it all and read God's Word too.

MARY: Maybe you're doing too much.

MARTHA: (Taken a back) What?

MARY: Maybe a relationship with Jesus is more important than color coordinated candles.

MARTHA: Can't I do both?

MARY: Sure, but it seems to me that you're only doing one. You spend so much time making sure everything is perfect that you don't have any time left over to "Be still" and learn more about the One who made you.

MARTHA: Isn't it enough to give some of our profits to Christian causes? (Looks earnestly at Mary) I do that you know.

MARY: Oh, Martha (Smiles) Jesus wants more from us that busyness and money. He made us, He made, trees, mountains, streams and flowers. Do you really think He needs our money as much as He wants our hearts. I love you so much, Martha, but I just can't be like you.

MARTHA: So you think I'm a heathen?

MARY: Not at all. I think you have just settled for good when you should be looking for best.

MARTHA: What do you mean?

MARY: We should want to serve others because of our love for Jesus and the joy of the Lord should be our strength, but how can you serve others in love when you don't spend time learning from Jesus. It's Him we serve you know and His joy should  shine through.

MARTHA: I guess I haven't been very shiny, have I?

MARY: Well, that can change, you know?

MARTHA: (Softens) I guess I've been doing everything wrong, haven't I?

MARY: (With great conviction) Oh no, Martha. (Pause and look Martha right in the eye) I guess I haven't told you everything have I?

MARTHA: There's more?

MARY: I can think of no other person I would rather go to if I want to be sure something is done and done right. I can't think of anyone I'd rather get an opinion from because I know you'll be honest. And I know the church very much appreciates your gift of hospitality and organization. You see, Martha, these are all gifts and you are using them.

MARTHA: But these gifts should be used to glorify God instead of myself. (Hugs Mary) Can you ever forgive your thick headed compulsive sister.

MARY: Absolutely, and I'll try to be a bit more helpful around the Inn.

MARTHA: (Chuckles) That would be nice.

(Phone rings)

MARTHA: Well, it's back to work.

MARY: No, you stay put, I'll go get the phone (Walks off stage)

MARTHA: And I think there's a book on my nightstand that I've neglected far too long. (Walks off opposite side of stage)

Scene 3

(Back at the front desk both sisters are sitting together looking over some paperwork. Martha is much more relaxed and smiles more.)

MARY: So, what rooms are still available next week.

MARTHA: The Summer and Winter room are available on Tuesday, the Autumn room is available Thursday and the Spring room is completely booked.

MARY: I never imagined we would be so busy.

MARTHA: A little hard work...

MARY: (Interrupts) But not too much.

MARTHA: (Smiles) But not too much. So did you finish reading I Peter 2:1-5?

MARY: I knew there was something I forgot.

MARTHA: Tell ya what. You sit right there and finish reading it and I'll get the flowers for the table. (Leaves the stage)

MARY: (Reads from her Bible) Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good. As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him-- you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. (Sits quietly thinking about what she read. Martha re-enters the room with a few fresh flowers and places them in a vase).

MARTHA: Are you ready?

MARY: Ready as I'll ever be, I guess.

MARTHA: All right. (picks up her Bible) What have you learned from the passage.

MARY: If I want to have God's Word to have any meaning for me, I've got to make sure that I get rid of malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy and slander. Then I can grow in my relationship with Him.

MARTHA: You know, I was also thinking that it's got to be hard to put on the full armor of God if we don't get rid of all of the things mentioned in I Peter first.

MARY: I never thought about it like that before. I guess it would be hard.

MARTHA: And it's awesome to think that we are called living stones that are used to build His spiritual house - we are the church.

MARY: (Smiles) What does that mean, Martha?

MARTHA: (Thinks for a moment) If He is willing to call us living stones then We must be useful to Him?

MARY: Yes, we are, Martha, yes we are. (Pause and smiles at Martha) You know you've changed a lot in the past few months. The change is rather becoming, if I do say so myself - and I do.

MARTHA: (With flourish) Why thank you, dear sister. I couldn't have done it without you. (Start music)

MARY: It wasn't me - that's for sure.(Laughter as the phone rings) I'll get that.

MARTHA: (Over acted) Oh, all right, if you insist. (Smiles as she continues to read the Bible)

MARY: M&M's B&B, This is Mary...

(The two sisters interact as the song plays to its conclusion)

SONG: "Martha"
Words: Nia Jones
Music: Mal Pope

V 1
Busy being Busy must be getting me somewhere
Where it is I'm headed for I don't know
I got a sister who's plain lazy sitting there so pretty
She never pulls her weight round here - and I should know

Martha, why do you have to worry?
Running 'round in circles - always in a hurry
Martha, take a little time out
'cause nothing lasts forever - except My love.

Working at the office working on the home
Then we drive around for hours so we can work things out alone!
Driven by the Jones's - driven by the ads
Could it be the constant is driving you mad?!


Time is of the essence and its never on our side
So we race to beat the clock like swimming against the tide
Well I've been thinking it through Lord how time just slips away now
Why was it you never made us a 36 hour day


Fade to black
Copyright 2002 by Glenn A. Hascall except lyrics as stated above.
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