Special Report - The Anointing

By Fred Lane


A present day news cast that revisits the story of Mary kissing the feet of Jesus.
Key words - forgiveness, ointment


2 newsreaders
2 m/f adults


Luke ch 7 vs36-50

Production notes

2 news anchors seated at "news desk", a news-y background; or one actor can be videotaped beforehand as a “field reporter”
video clip of Mary Magdalene kissing Jesus' feet from "Jesus of Nazareth"
presented seriously like a TV news show


(CNN fanfare)
Bryan: Good morning, I'm Bryan Foxfire, and we are breaking into your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the latest reports on some unusual events in the capital city of Jerusalem. With me here at the news desk is Lea Meriwether, CNN's special reporter on the movements of Jesus of Nazareth...
(turns to Lea)
Lea, we all know that the annual Feast of Passover brings thousands of pilgrims to this grand, old city, and always creates a Mardi Gras - like atmosphere; but what is causing this year's big event to be different from the rest?
Lea: Good morning, Bryan. Over the last several days, the people of the city of Jerusalem have in fact seen some very unusual and even shocking activities by the very popular, yet controversial teacher, Jesus of Nazareth. His presence has galvanized the population into a religious frenzy unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime.
Bryan: Lea, most of our viewers are aware of Jesus of Nazareth, but what makes his appearance here in Jerusalem so compelling?
Lea: Bryan, Jesus has been the focus of many fantastic reports over the last several months. He rose to prominence 3 years ago, about the time that John, known as the Baptist, was captured and executed by Herod. By all accounts, Jesus took over leadership of John's group, and continued John's program. But it is the reports of miracles performed by Jesus that have catapulted him to fame.
Bryan: Miracles? Do you mean Jesus is a magician and he's bringing his show to town? That would be interesting, but not worthy of all the public furor over his presence...
Lea: No, not magic, but bona fide miracles, according to those who have witnessed them.
Bryan: That's amazing! Has there been any independent verification of these miracles?
Lea: Bryan, that's what many people have asked, and the Jewish leaders have on several occasions sent delegations to investigate these alleged miracles. As of yet, we have not received a conclusive report from any of these investigations.
Bryan: I know from personal experience that Jesus is quite a compelling teacher, too. I suspect that being the orator that he is, combined with these reports of miracles, has turned his arrival into quite an event!
Lea: Yes, you are exactly right, Bryan. We've received thousands of calls and scores of unsolicited video tapes and cell phone pictures of Jesus over the last few days. Everyone wants to know what Jesus of Nazareth is doing, and where he is going next.
Bryan: So, we want you, our viewers, to know that CNN pledges to give you the latest news on the movements of this amazing figure, Jesus of Nazareth....Lea, do we know where Jesus of Nazareth is right now?
Lea: We do. In fact, we have a news team on the scene right now, and I believe we can switch over to them... (acts like she is getting information from someone offstage)...okay, I understand we have a live feed from the home of Simon, a prominent religious leader...and this is in Bethany outside of Jerusalem.......
(switch to movie clip)
Lea: Okay...that was a live, on-the-scene video feed from the home of Simon in Bethany, outside Jerusalem...we saw Jesus of Nazareth conferring with the Jewish leaders, and what appeared to be a distraught woman, yet unidentified, breaking in and actually kissing the feet of Jesus.
Bryan: That was some amazing footage our on the scene team captured. Lea, I'm not sure, but the religious leaders seemed to be very upset by the female intruder.
Lea: Bryan, it's no secret that Jesus has been at odds with religious establishment, and what we just witnessed confirms this. I predict that this will not be the last we hear of the growing tension between the Jewish leaders and Jesus.
Bryan: Thanks, Lea, for that report...to reiterate: Jesus of Nazareth has arrived at Jerusalem, and while visiting the home of Simon, a prominent religious leader, had his feet kissed by an unidentified woman....CNN will keep you up-to-date with the movements of Jesus as they happen...
Lea: I'm Lea Meriweather, CNN special reporter for Jesus of Nazareth....
Bryan: And I'm Bryan Foxfire at the anchor desk for this CNN special report. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...
(CNN fanfare)
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